Friday, September 14, 2012

To my friend

This is for a friend of mine, who just passed away last Monday. I don't know where to write this, segan nak tulis kt his FB wall. Because I'm not that close with him.

I met him during my middle school's Eid reunion. We exchange our number and talked a little. Had some conversations online. Just casual ones. He was not in my class so I knew him only through messages and FB. So I only know a small part of your life.

I feel weird that you are gone now. Because when I see your FB profile, you are still smiling with your friends in your university. I still remember how you used to post islamic things on FB, and your reminders never were annoying or anything, just pleasant ones. Your jokes were never something that hurts people's feeling. I didn't have enought time to get to know you much, but you were such a pleasant, nice young man.

When I first got the news, I didn't know that it was you. Because I didn't know your full(real) name. I called you by your nickname only. Just today, after 4pm, when I was checking news feed, I saw an update from your account, about jenazah. I felt weird. So I went to your wall, and was surprised that there were many condolences messages from your friends. I thought it was your family or friends, but when I scrolled down the page, I saw another update made by your dad, announcing about you. I also read online news page about your accident. A familiar face was smiling on the news. There was nothing unusual on that face. But the title showed otherwise, that you are gone.

I don't know how people deal with their beloved ones' death. I only met you a few time, chat a little, and saw your updates on FB only. But this is really hard for me.

Maybe because you was a good boy. Maybe because you were studying abroad just like me. There's many maybes. But difinitely your death has affected me. A lot. I'm sure that Allah want me to realiza something, something that I have been taken for granted. Something I should be prepared before it's my turn.

Many people are sad because you are not here anymore. So many people love and will miss you, but Allah love you more. You will be in our du'a forever as long as we are still here, because you are such a good friend.

Al-fatihah for you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Peach again!

Salam, and hello people.

Seems like I can't stop myself from wasting another time by posting more picture on my blog even though I am supposed to write 2 more essays(reports) or study for tomorrow's Regional Economics in Middle East paper. :p

Yesterday was my friend's birthday so we went to dinner together to celebrate it. The restaurant was in a shopping complex near train station, serving sooooo many kind of tarts and cakes. We too quite a long time to choose what to eat and I'll go there again definitely to have their tarts.

Peach tart

I choose season tart, that was Peach tart for July, as I already wrote that I loooove white peaches. Sliced peach on top were really soft and sweet, akhirnya dapat jugak rasa sweets yang ada buah peach yang sedap. Nyum nyum! There were like more than 10 tarts to choose, and I want try Strawberry and Raw Chocolate Tart for next time.

Today was a little bit more productive than yesterday, I woke up in 10am and went to library near my university, sign up for membership to borrow a book to write my report (which was not in my uni's or my town's library and cost me 5000yen if I bought it by Amazon). I wanted to ride my bicycle from my uni to the library but somehow I couldn't find mine, I think I already put it back at where I always park my bike but ntah I don't know why it's not there. So I had to walk to there about 30min, luckily I wore sneakers and it was nice weather today so walking was not that hard. The library was not that big but really comfortable and lady who showed me how to use it was so nice, I think I want to go there everyday to read books when my exams are over.

 I used to be ulat buku, I really loved to read. When I was a kid, library was "heaven" for me. My mom used to drop us at library near our place at morning and she picked us up in 5pm when the library is closed. But when I returned to my country, I lost my interest to read because books in English or Malays didn't excite me. My uni's library is really big and looks anciently cool (lol) but books there are not that eye-catching, it's more academic, more like books to feed your brain. Books in book stores are interesting but I think it's not worth to pay much for a book, I read really fast that's why I won't buy a book unless I think the joy it can give to me is more than the price. I rarely buy a manga because manga do not have much words or lines, I can finish a manga in really short time and 460yen is pricey for 30min joy. That's just my opinion. Yes, books in library are not so up-to-date by usually it has many fun-to-read books. That's why I love local libraries.

I read in an article that one of reason why social status is inherited is because parents with high education level usually values knowledge and they have many books in their house, from easy picture books for kids, novel for young adults and academic books. So their children can satisfy their thirst for knowledge by reading materials suited for their levels. In future, I want to build mini library in my home too. Reading is fun. It's a good source of entertainment. Music is not. I don't want my children to listen too much music, unless it's classical ones like Mozart or Bach.

Ok now I should go to study or go to bed to sleep early for tomorrow.

Thanyou for reading.