Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coloured Contact Lens Review: Colour Zoom

Salam, sorry for have been so quiet this a couples of week. New semester started and I had so many thing to do. Sy akan update beberape entry untuk beberape hari ni. :)

Ok so let's start with my review. I bought few pairs of coloured contact lens this summer on net, from a blog which was recommended from one of my friends. She is using that site's lens for quite long and said that they can be trusted. Eyes are one of our most sensitive organs so I was quite worried about wearing coloured ones, especially ones that are from online shops. But I couldn't help my self, I really wanted to give it a shot, you know, I was being curious. I have some other friends who wear coloured lens, all of them say that they bought the lens online and it is ok if you change it before 1year( most of the lens say that it can be worn for 1year). 

So, convinced by them, I bought 4pairs of ColorZoom lens from this blog, Mirror Store. 2pairs of brown lens, 1 pair of grey lens and 1 pair of green lens. I paid it on Monday and products arrived on Friday. They said on the blog that products will be sent by 3working days, so I hoped it will arrive before Thursday since my flight was on Saturday. So I got a little bit nervous and text her (the owner) about it. Her response was quite cold, not really customer-friendly, but hm, who knows she was not in good mood at that time so I just felt ok with that. I opened 2 of 4 pairs that I bought, and found out that my grey lens were torn and can't be worn anymore. Memang sakit gila la bila pakai tu. Rupa-rupanya hujung tu terkoyak.. One pair of lens costed RM40, so even though it7s not that expensive, I wanted them to replace it new ones. I text her again, asked if they can refund or replace it since the lens were broken before I wear it. But she didn't reply. :( It is really disappointing, at least she should reply my text. But what could I do, I had to fly back to Tokyo on next day.

I'm wearing Twilight Brown for about 1month, and for me, these lens make my eyes more tired that when I was wearing normal one. Before this, I was not used to wear lens or specs if I were at home, I didn't have any problem but recently I can't see thing really well if I don't wear lens or specs. Maybe it is because my sight become worse and I have to increase my power ( currently I use 1.25 and 2.75). And at night, like in 10am and after, my eyes will sore and it is painful even to just open my eyes. About effect, it is not that dramatic because Twilight is more to natural looking lens, but for me, my eyes look like not focused, macam juling ar senang cite. Hee lawak betul.

Now I am a little bit scared to continue to wearing them, even though I was planning to wear them for 3months each pair. So I will go to see doctor next week to buy normal lens, there's a contact lens shop near my university offered a good price for us students.

Actually, after wearing coloured contact lens for 1month, I realized that I like my eyes before I put lens on! haha I'm such a narcissist! Well, it is better for me to wear something that I trust in not not to worry about the safety, isn't it? It depends, if you enjoy wearing them and can take a good care of your eyes, I don't think that it would be a problem. Mungkin it wasn't for me, unfortunately.

So, this is my coloured contact lens experience. How about you?

p.s My green contact lens were also damaged when I took them out from bottles for first time!

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  1. beli contact lens yang ada ISO je . walaupun dari korea , banyak yang fake . sy pun pakai korea punye , n siap jadi agent lagi :) n alhamdulillah sampai skrg pakai takde sakit mata or pape pun . sebelum ni hanya pakai feshlook je but quite expensive . uhu . pahampaham je lah student life macam mana :)