Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I like flowers a lot. They are just perfect, tengok je dah rasa bahagia. Subhanallah.
Saya suka pegang petals nya. Lembut macam velvet. Especially rose. Rose memang cantik.

Teringin jugak buat taman sendiri, make gardening as my hobby but I hate bugs!huhu
Kan bes tiap hari tengok kt balcony, ad bunga-bunga comels dan petik je herbs untuk nak masak ke, buat facial ke teh ke.

I have Ikebana class once in a month, but this January I couldn't go because was too busy with reports. Ikebana is reallly fun because you don't have to think too much but just concentrate and feel it! It's an art.  so relaxing. Eventhough some Ikebana's houses(don't know how to say it, it called "ryuu", mazhab kot, lol) have strict rules to do it, but my teacher is so kind and a creative person< she allows me to experience what I want to do, though she still teaches me what is Ikebana.
Btw, she is from Saga-on-ryuu.

I really need flowers in my life, it decrease me stress level, I think. Tengok je bunga tu rasa macam dophamin keluar meletup2!huhu

I can't wait for my next lesson on Friday!!

p.s kan bes kalau sy dapat bunga tiap hari..:(

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

spring holiday plan

I had two classes that ended today, Writing Essays and Translation class.
PA class already finished last Monday, and I am really happy that I don't have to worry about 3 of the most tough classes anymore!
I didn't enjoy those classes because they required me to hand in assignment every week. So stressed.:(

But now I only have to think about my other subjects, 2 reports to be done, 3 papers to be answered, 2 oral exam to be passed!
After that, I can enjoy my free time, do what I want and go wherever I want.
I already have a vacation plan for about 2weeks and a mini trip, so now I'm thinking what should I do for the rest of my holiday. 

List of the places that I want to go:
1. Snow festival at Sapporo
2. Korea
3. some outlet shops!
4. explore Central line area

Seems like I have to post-pone my trip to Snow Festival because I'm not really ready financially and emotionally(lol, it means I don't have thick jackets and gloves to visit somewhere like that). Plus I don't have anyone to go with. How sad. :( Most of my friends prefer to spend their holiday at somewhere like this ↓


haha I don't have nicer pic so I just post them. I know they doesn't look so interesting.
But, it is!
Now I have one more plan for holiday, spend time with my friends there. Maybe I will spend one night at one of the hotels there, and it's gonna be a tons of fun!I think. ;)
tak sabarnya....

Apa-apapun, harap tak ada apa-apa yang xbaik, semoga semuanya selamat, insyaAllah.
Tapi sebenarnya saya nak sangat balik rumah.
Apakan daya, saya hanya merancang tapi Allah yang decide semua.
Sedih itu sedih, tapi mungkin tak ada rezeki kot untuk cuti kali ni.:)

Lepas habis jalan-jalan, saya akan stay kt bilik je kot, kemas kertas-kertas dan susun balik bilik.
Dan saya nak latih masak-masak, time ad class susah nk amek masa untuk cuba resepi yang rumit ckit. 

Banyaknya berangan, nak pergi buat reports la.hehe

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

red, yellow and green

One of my current hobbies is making lunch-in-the-lunch-box or a.k.a a bento!
This is help me a lot because cafeteria in my uni doesn't really have menus that I can eat, only 3 or 4 are seafoods. Plus I can save 400yen(about RM14, I think) a day, it's 2000yen a week for total. Yeay!

This is picture of last week's bento.

chicken meatball with sambal, japanese style egg, tomato and spinach with chikuwa!

best buat bekal ni sebab nanti time makan lunch, leh tengok-tengok kawan2 punya, lps tu puji sesama sendiri lawa ke tak. lol
time kat supermarket, looking aroung vege area and think what tomorrow's bento gonna looks like is one of the fun time to, jadi ke tak jadi tu lain cite la, bukan terrer pun masak..hehe

ada jugak zaman2 yang addicted dengan coop's fresh baked buns for lunch, cuz they are so nice and cheap! tapi rasa macam bersalah tak guna kotak bento ni yang agak mahal.
masa mula-mula sampai sini mana tau harga barang camne kan. yela selama ni sume benda mak yah belikan kecuali majalah CLEO dan buku nota sekolah. so dengan blur2 nye beli je lah bekas ni dekat kedai yang ada barang2 hot hiasan rumah. George's namanya.

It looks so simple, tapi quite expensive for a poor student like me. patutnya cari kt kedai 300yen je.hehe
However, like what malay peribahasa says, alah membeli menang memakai so I gonna use it until lusuh sampai grad, beb!hehe
I will post more bento picture in future.;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

winter came

it's freaking cold here, tough it won't snow like in this pic.
I take this picture when I was in my winter vacation.
The air is so dry, it rips off my skin's moisture, so applying heavy cream is a must before going outside and before sleep!
I always carry a tube of hand lotion in my handbag, because I have to reapply it every time I wash my hands or touch water. I didn't know that I have this severe dry skin, always thought that my skin type is oily one. Maybe it's because I'm not a teenager anymore(but still act like one, lol) and my skin is not producing sebum as much as it used to.
So now I'm still figuring out what's my skin type, sometimes i feel like I should use skincare products for dry skin but I'm still traumatic to oily T-zones and zits! For this season, I will stick to normal-to-dry skincare products and see do I have to switch to other type or not this spring.

Spring and summer is great but I hate people keep asking me is it hot or not wearing my scarves. of course it is, but hey, it will be still the same even if you are wearing ultra-short pants or in swimming suits. it's summer, babe!and summer IS hot.;) and don't try to tell me how uncomfortable wearing scarves is because I am from a tropical country, where it won't be under 20degrees and plus I AM the one who wearing it, not you.;)

BTW, this is my first entry for this blog. Dah nk umur 20, baru nak start blog!lol how lame I am.
But never mind, I believe that most of you bloggers are nice, so selamat perkenalan!