Thursday, March 22, 2012


Salam and hello :)
It's getting warmer day by day, and flowers started to bloom! I love all seasons but what I love about spring is because I can wear cheerful colourful outfits!

This picture was taken in my uni, infront of the hall. It looks like sakua but actually it's not, it's plum flower. Smelled really nice when I went near the tree to take the picture.

Have a good day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A few tips for my juniors part1

Salam and hello,

I'm on my way to go back to Tokyo, on plane, writing this entry specially for those who are going to Japan like me, 2 years ago. Ow how fast it is!
I heard that this year's batch, 2012年度入学, their flights are in this week or next week, I'm not sure but I really hope that this entry can hilangkan ckit kegelisahan adik-adik sy ni. :)

1. What to stuff into your laggage
You can bring 2laggage, satu yg masa check-in tu dan satu lagi hand laggage yg kita akan bwk.

Dalam laggage besar tu, letak la apa2 korg suka: kicap, maggi, stok tudung dan brooch, baju, bantal busuk bantal wangi, apa2 lah. Cuma kalau botol kaca ke apa2 yg mudah pecah, bungkus elok2 dan masukkan dlm plastic bag. Mane tau botol perfume pecah dan habis kena kat satu beg kan? hihi. Dokumen2 pntg yang tak diperlukan segera pun msuk kt sini jgk.
Kalau tak silap, limit berat dia 20kg, tapi korg leh tambah lagi 10kg kalau ad kad grad. Masa saya fly awal2 dulu, berat beg sy nk dkt 40kg pstu kne marah dgn org airport!hihi tp lps sbb dah lmbt time tu. korg jgn tiru plak ye. ;)

Dalam hand laggage, bwk:
•beg duit yg b'isi cash dan travel cek tu
• alamat rumah senpai yg korg akan post laggage besar kt sana nanti
•atleast satu salinan baju utk korg pki sblm tgu beg bsar
•kasut selesa dan menutup buku lali utk tukar lps smpi, klu kasut kulit korg selesa, yg ni xapa. Time sy, sy bwk ksut ballerina je so sgt la sejuk. :'( Set stoking pun bwk la utk tukar kan. :)
•kompas solat, boleh guna iphone senpai bila dah smpi tp mane tau kan waktu solat dah msuk sblm jmpe senpai. bwk la kopiah ke kain pelekat ke telekung ke kalau nak.
•2batang pen. satu utk sndri, satu lg utk pass2 kt kwn. :p nti dlm flight, kne isi 2borang, borang custom dan disembarkation card.
•botol kosong utk sapa yg suka minum air kosong. nti dlm flight, mtk isikan air dlm botol, so xd la korg asyik pggil akk/abg tu je. dlm flight sgt kering, so bwk la lotion ke lip balm ke utk sapa yg perlu. tapi ingat, liquid sume kne isi kt satu beg khas.
•coat atau jacket, nk pki dlm pjalanan ke rumah senpai. ikut tmpt msg2 la sejuk mcm mana. kalau area tokyo, skrg suhu bwh 10darjah. so skrg ni sy pki coat, baju biasa, dlm tu pki inner lengan panjang, seluar, stokin, dan ankle boots. sapa yg takut sejuk tp leh bwk bnyk sgt, belilah カイロ kt kdai daiso yg ad kt msia. bila sejuk, tanpal kt blkg, tgh2 ulat belikat atau bwk kt poket.
•berus gigi, ubat gigi, pencuci muka dan lain2 keperluan peribadi. sapa yg pki contact lens, bwk la solution yg travel size. sume bwk yg size kecik je. kt sana beli baru je. apa yg leh beli kt sana, beli je. bwk brg yg xleh jmpe kt sane je ye. :)
•kfc atau apa2 yg dipesan oleh senpai2. :p korg nk bwk roti gardenia ke, mcd ke, boleh bwk ke sana insyaAllah. cuma jgn bwk yg berkuah2 la ye!

ok part1 ni utk brg yg bwk je. klu smpt sblm tarikh korg blps tu, i upload lg ye. all the best!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

break fast

what my dad bought for my break fast. =,=
my dad is always worry about me getting enough food or not. aiyooooo

Monday, March 12, 2012


salam, my friends :)

Last weekend I went to Cerating to have some keropak lekor. What's that?? Well, korg yg Malaysian tau la kan, keropok lekor is something like fish sausage and it's really popular in East Coast of Malaysia. There are many stores selling this food in Kuala Lumpir too but the taste is not same for me, I'm used to have ones that made mainly from fish and not starch like ones in KL.

We went to several stores selling keropok lekor to enjoy the difference texture and taste of it, then we went to beach to enjoy some sea breeze. Actually, on other day, I bought a big pink straw hat in Port Dickson so I really couldn't wait to wear it in beach! XP

On the way home, I bought a swim suits that covers whole body, I now I can't wait to go to pool! Also I bought a summer dress for my friend as a souvenier. :) After that, we went my brother's uni and had dinner near it, the university is just infront of beach and honestly I'm jealous. :(

It was a short one day trip but I really enjoy it. It's been quite long since the last time we went to family vacation and I don't know how many times left for me to have fun with my whole family again like this. It's maybe sad but we all grow up and get difficult to gather like before. hmmmmm ;(

ok that's it. Bes cuti ni dpt jalan sane sini!
Thank you for reading<3

Friday, March 9, 2012

Yummy Tomyam

Salam and hello, peole. :)
Sorry for the last boring entry, I want to make this blog a fun blog to read, no gaduh2 or negative vibe but I sometimes I can't be the good one when somebody took advantage on me. But I promise that I will upload more positive entries after this.

Yesterday I went to a reastaurant near by our house to have tomyam soup. Tomyam is a Thai dish but it's popular in Malaysia too. I like tomyam that has rich, creamy, not so clear soup. Usually tomyam soup is red and clear, but I prefer rich one since I had it in Thai restaurant in Tokyo.

And this restaurant have thick creamy tomyam so I always crave for it! The other day I had tomyam with beehoon so this time I tried their special seafood tomyam. It has crab, squids prawns of course, and some lala.

It was so yummy and really cheap, RM7 for one bowl of it, dah la ad ketam seekor dlm tu. I sometimes jealous of my friends who study in Malaysia because they can have nice Malaysian food anytime they like but me, I have to cook it myself or eat at restaurant. One bowl of marinara is about RM40, it's really expensive if compared to Malaysia. :( But, pf course I get paid more in Japan so it's ok la. :p

This is my first time blogging through my iPhone so I don't know how it would be when you see this entry on PC.

Thank you for reading<3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

contact lens review

Salam and Hi people. :)
I've been away from blogging quite for a long time, I am in my home town to enjoy my spring holiday but my goodness, now I am so ANGRY and I can't stop myself from blogging about it to prevent people to become another "victim" of this one person. Especially who are looking for Puffy 3tones and Nudy Brown.

I use colour contact lenses daily, well I don't need your opinion about the risk of wearing it now, but I usually buy about 4pairs of them every time I'm back in Malaysia for break. This is the 3rd time I purchased it from  3 different people, all through internet. The 1st one is the one I wrote about it on my ColorZoom review entry , the second girl was a sweet girl and I like how she treats her customer, she's so friendly but the latest person, gosh!

Firstly I sent a msg to her fb acc after seeing some pictures of lenses that she sell on her albums. I stated which power of lenses I would like to buy, 2.75 and 1.75, and which colour that I'm interested in, pink and grey, in my msg. She replied me after several days, and gave me the total price for the lenses and her acc no to bank in the money. She also gave me her mobile no to text her after I send the money.

Then after I made the transaction several days later, she send me a fb msg to say "hey dear sorry grey already sold out". Isn't it rediculous? She told me AFTER I made the transaction to say that goods that I wanted are already sold out! I admit that maybe I should bank in the money earlier but she send msj and said that "tak sengaja/didn't realize that somebody else bought grey one earlier" How dare you! And she said she want to return RM25 to me, i refused it because I thought it is stupid to pay RM6 for postage for only one pair of lenses. I said that to her and asked are the pink lenses with power that I wanted or not, and she said yes. Means she had pink lenses with power 2.75 and 1.75, this is what I understand from her reply. She also offered me to give rm3 postage and return the rest of RM25 for grey lenses.

What?? I just wanted to buy what I want and what I was promised for. Not RM25 for grey lenses plus RM3 for the postage. Am I too much? Isn't it natural for people who shop? Is there any people who are OK when they find out that goods they wanted and already ordered and PAID are sold to some body else?? NO, I'm not ok and I'm not a weak timid customer. I want what I want and if I can't, atleast I request a rasional answer or excuses from the shop.

You think you can just run away from me? You are wrong, girl. Business is something serious even though what you thought you are doing is just selling cheap lenses to help you get some pocket money and I, am really strict and fierce when I talk about money! grrrrrrr! ok let's continue.

Then she offered me to replace the lenses with other type of lenses with same power that I asked for, since I refused to get money back but when I check her fb album, the ones that she offered to replace, Nudy Brown and Nudy Blue's prices were RM23, 2dollars cheaper than what I paid for! Gosh! Again this girl treated me like I'm a fool who can't find out about that myself. Than again she sent me another text, and said that she want to give me one free pair because it was her fault. I thought, "hm, ok what because she seemes to be really sorry" So I ended up with getting 2pairs of pink lenses and 1 pair of Nudy Brown lenses for free.

And you know what I got today? Yes they were Puffy 3tones in Pink lenses and Nudy Brown BUT but the power were 2.50 and 1.00 for pink and 2.00 for BOTH brown one. She sent me 3 pairs of lenses that I can't even wear them.

And you know what happened when I wanted to tell her about this through fb msg instead of writing it on her wall (she sent me a friend request but I didn't approved yet) or albums where her customer or customer-to-be can see it, but she blocked me form messaging her and I can't even go to her wall or click her name on it. Fine.


For people who are interested to buy Puffy 3 Tones lenses or Nudy lenses, read my entry and make your own decision. I'm not saying not to buy from this girl, but this is what I got from her. I won't write an entry like this just because I paid RM56 and got 3 pairs of lenses that I can't wear, but because she blocked me and ran away from me. You managed to piss me, miss. And I'm not afraid to talk what is true.