Friday, September 14, 2012

To my friend

This is for a friend of mine, who just passed away last Monday. I don't know where to write this, segan nak tulis kt his FB wall. Because I'm not that close with him.

I met him during my middle school's Eid reunion. We exchange our number and talked a little. Had some conversations online. Just casual ones. He was not in my class so I knew him only through messages and FB. So I only know a small part of your life.

I feel weird that you are gone now. Because when I see your FB profile, you are still smiling with your friends in your university. I still remember how you used to post islamic things on FB, and your reminders never were annoying or anything, just pleasant ones. Your jokes were never something that hurts people's feeling. I didn't have enought time to get to know you much, but you were such a pleasant, nice young man.

When I first got the news, I didn't know that it was you. Because I didn't know your full(real) name. I called you by your nickname only. Just today, after 4pm, when I was checking news feed, I saw an update from your account, about jenazah. I felt weird. So I went to your wall, and was surprised that there were many condolences messages from your friends. I thought it was your family or friends, but when I scrolled down the page, I saw another update made by your dad, announcing about you. I also read online news page about your accident. A familiar face was smiling on the news. There was nothing unusual on that face. But the title showed otherwise, that you are gone.

I don't know how people deal with their beloved ones' death. I only met you a few time, chat a little, and saw your updates on FB only. But this is really hard for me.

Maybe because you was a good boy. Maybe because you were studying abroad just like me. There's many maybes. But difinitely your death has affected me. A lot. I'm sure that Allah want me to realiza something, something that I have been taken for granted. Something I should be prepared before it's my turn.

Many people are sad because you are not here anymore. So many people love and will miss you, but Allah love you more. You will be in our du'a forever as long as we are still here, because you are such a good friend.

Al-fatihah for you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Peach again!

Salam, and hello people.

Seems like I can't stop myself from wasting another time by posting more picture on my blog even though I am supposed to write 2 more essays(reports) or study for tomorrow's Regional Economics in Middle East paper. :p

Yesterday was my friend's birthday so we went to dinner together to celebrate it. The restaurant was in a shopping complex near train station, serving sooooo many kind of tarts and cakes. We too quite a long time to choose what to eat and I'll go there again definitely to have their tarts.

Peach tart

I choose season tart, that was Peach tart for July, as I already wrote that I loooove white peaches. Sliced peach on top were really soft and sweet, akhirnya dapat jugak rasa sweets yang ada buah peach yang sedap. Nyum nyum! There were like more than 10 tarts to choose, and I want try Strawberry and Raw Chocolate Tart for next time.

Today was a little bit more productive than yesterday, I woke up in 10am and went to library near my university, sign up for membership to borrow a book to write my report (which was not in my uni's or my town's library and cost me 5000yen if I bought it by Amazon). I wanted to ride my bicycle from my uni to the library but somehow I couldn't find mine, I think I already put it back at where I always park my bike but ntah I don't know why it's not there. So I had to walk to there about 30min, luckily I wore sneakers and it was nice weather today so walking was not that hard. The library was not that big but really comfortable and lady who showed me how to use it was so nice, I think I want to go there everyday to read books when my exams are over.

 I used to be ulat buku, I really loved to read. When I was a kid, library was "heaven" for me. My mom used to drop us at library near our place at morning and she picked us up in 5pm when the library is closed. But when I returned to my country, I lost my interest to read because books in English or Malays didn't excite me. My uni's library is really big and looks anciently cool (lol) but books there are not that eye-catching, it's more academic, more like books to feed your brain. Books in book stores are interesting but I think it's not worth to pay much for a book, I read really fast that's why I won't buy a book unless I think the joy it can give to me is more than the price. I rarely buy a manga because manga do not have much words or lines, I can finish a manga in really short time and 460yen is pricey for 30min joy. That's just my opinion. Yes, books in library are not so up-to-date by usually it has many fun-to-read books. That's why I love local libraries.

I read in an article that one of reason why social status is inherited is because parents with high education level usually values knowledge and they have many books in their house, from easy picture books for kids, novel for young adults and academic books. So their children can satisfy their thirst for knowledge by reading materials suited for their levels. In future, I want to build mini library in my home too. Reading is fun. It's a good source of entertainment. Music is not. I don't want my children to listen too much music, unless it's classical ones like Mozart or Bach.

Ok now I should go to study or go to bed to sleep early for tomorrow.

Thanyou for reading.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peach Parfait

Salam, and hello people!

On Thursday, I went to do some shopping and had yummy dessert after that! For your information, I LOVE fruits and one of my favourite fruits is peach. The smell, it's sweet juice, soft textures, just so perfect<3 And summer is the season for peaches, so I decided to go to eat a peach parfait before Ramadhan starts. 

Oh if you don't know what a parfait is, it's a kind of dessert with scoops and ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, cereal, jelly, fruits or chocolate sauce and other yummy toppings in a tall glass. I think most people know how it looks like even some of us might not familiar with "parfait" or call it in other name. :) 

Oh just see my picture!

Peach parfait
I loved the milk ice cream more that the peach itself, lol because it's not that sweet than I thought but the ice cream was so milky and yummy.

And at night, I had "papingsu", a Korean style of shaved ice or ABC la if you are Malaysian, at Shinjuku with my friends. I chose citron tea flavor because I love to drink it when I went to Korea but some how it tasted a little bit bitter on papingsu. Don't know why.

Citron tea papingsu
It has vanilla ice cream, mango, jelly balls, lot of frozen berries and of course, citron jam. 

This is my friend and me, taken using "beauty mode" on my GF5 camera. See how flawless our skin become?lol

thank you for reading! sorry if my food photos make you suffer. :p

a cold summer day

Salam, and hello, people!

Ramadhan kareem. and happy fasting too. ^^

It was really hot thorough the week, but since yesterday the weather became cold for summer. on Wednesday it was 35degrees and now it's around 20degrees! I love it. hehe In Japan especially, and I think in other countries too, people talk about weather when they meet someone who are not close enough to talk about more personal staff. Am I right? How about your country? Anyway, yesterday, I was in an elevator with my friend, and I ask them like how is your exam, and said that "It's pretty cold, today", expecting nothing from, just wanted to try to make a conversation because I thought it's weird if we didn't speak any in same elevator. What he replied is, "well, don't complain". Like, WHAT?? did I sound like I'm complaining?? I love ALL kind of weather, ok. Windy, rainy, shiny, or even storm! I love them! I though I was a kind of person who rarely complain about weathers so I was shocked when he said that, but I tried to smile and say "yeah I like this kind of weather". Then I walked very fast without turning (we were going to same place.)

Maybe from next time, I should not talk about weather because people might think I don't like it. Hah, I thought it was the safest topic for everybody. lol Maybe I should add how much I like that kind of weather. Or just shut up and let it be awkward. =,=

You know what?? I already got my new baby!!! yay! I will make a review on it because many people came to this blog by googling GF5 review. Please wait for a while till I finish all my reports and exams. ;)

thank you for reading.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's been a while since last time I wrote something in this blog. It's because I want my blog to be a colorful one, with lot of pictures but I don't have camera now. :( I did uploaded some pictures from my iphone but I don't like how it looks on my blog, too low quality. So since April, I've been looking for a good camera and saving my money for it.

Now I am waiting for my dream (haha over) camera to be cheaper than it's original price. I want Lumix GF5 with digital zoom lens, yes Lumix again! My last cameras were GF1 and GF2, they had been doing a good job for me, but GF1 was stolen and I sold my GF2 to my sis. Originally, I wanted something small, a regular digital camera because when I was the semi-DSLRs owner, I was a little bit disappointed that there was no cute camera beg for my cameras. Cute begs were usually for tiny lil digital camera. :( That's why my original plan was to buy Canon S100 but when I checked out new GF5, I totally fell in love with it!! It has many scenes and modes which ease me to take nice pictures without need to hassle to edit them on computer.

GF5's original price was around 70,000yen(white one) when it was released on 26th april but now it became cheaper, 51,000yen, I want to wait till it become 50,000yen! Actually I already had my money enough to buy it before but I had to lend some to someone, so I have to ikat perut to get my camera now. Life is not fair sometime but what can I do? It's not that if I complain about it on blog, I get my money back. :( Please wait for me, my baby GF5!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Who's beautiful

Who's beautiful?

Actually, everybody is.

If you think that you are ugly and you want to be beautiful, it starts with believe that you are beautiful and do not let anybody to doubt it including yourself.

Keep your head up, never fade your smile on your lips, no matter what other say nasty things about you.

If you want people to love yourself, you start it from you, you got to love yourself first.

Love yourself means love to do what is good for your body and mind.

Being confident about your body and image doesn't mean that you can stuff yourself with junkfoods all the time. Sometime you have to sacrifice your money and time to give your body what it deserves- healthy meal and enough exercise.

Take a relaxing bath, keep your face clean and radiant, laugh moderately, eat vegetables and fruits, walk by beach, do a stretch before go to sleep, read interesting books, hug your family and friends.

And do you know that by loving yourself, it's actually you are being thankful for Who made you, Allah?

By taking a good care of your body, it means that you are preparing yourself to worship Allah more and be a strong believer. Allah loves strong believer.

So stop complaining about what you don't like about you.

Stop being jealous of others who are born beautiful or became beautiful by their efforts.

Stop saying negative things to other like "She's skinny because genetics", "Oh he is just born smart", "She has radiant complexion because she's naturally fair and uses expensive creams".

Everybody is beautiful, except for negative people.


And see.

You are beautiful!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

happy teachers' day

Salam and hello, people. :)

Today was Teachers' day in my country, so I want to write a little about some of my favourite teachers.

1. Pn. Zaharah
She was my math and science teacher. When I was in junior high, math and science subjects were taught in English. At that time I just returned from Japan to Malaysia so ofcourse I didn't speak English nor proper Malay. She taught me basic things like name for animals and other basic terms in science in Malay and English. She was very kind and supportive towards my brother and me and it really helped me to keep motivated to study from zero. There were many teachers and students talked behind us, there was this one person said "why they came to this school?why not gov school? menyusahkan je" infront of my mom when she came to register us and explained about our condition. My junior high and highschool time was not that easy but alhamdulillah, there were many people who are supportive and one of them is Pn. Zaharah.
Her dishes is also amazingly nice so I love to go to her place during Eid season. :p

2. Another teacher who did a lot for me when I was in thar school is Pn. Ketina. At first I was afraid of her because she looks fierce at that time and because I can't speak any English when I was 12. My mom taught me to read but I hated to so I didn't even know what's the difference of she and he. So can you imagine how hard it was for her to teach my brother and me from a really basic stage like singular and plural, noun and verb, present tense and past tense? She did extra class every Friday in library, and never gave up to teach us. Until now I still have what she taught and I will be very pissed off when someone misuse "your" and "you're". lol!
Many teachers gave us extra classes, like Ustaz Mustaqim who taught Arabic. He was a young man and very passionate teacher, but I'm sorry ustaz, I lost my interest in Arabic because my other teachers in highschool were not as passionate as you and other ustaz ustazah in my junior high. I used to love studying Arabic (still now I'm interested in) but I guess I performed better in junior high because my teachers in junior high showed more attention and love to us. lol I loved being praised by teachers so I studied well, I didn't want to see my beloved teacher sad by seeing my bad result. haha attention seeker,

3. Pn Shazleen
She is also my English and English and Science and Technology but when I was in highschool, yes I also have my favourite teachers even though I didn't have much enjoyed it. :p I went to tagt school for only two years and when I was in form4's final exam, I skipped some of them because I was too lazy!haha I skipped Add Math and English because I hate Add Math so much. I didn't know that result for final exams are used to determine which class are you going to be next year. I was in 2nd class but for next year, I ended up to be in 3rd class. I felt so ashamed and disappointed (sapa suh ponteng exam wehhh haha) and I was always in bad mood when new semester begun. I didn't talk to anybody about my frustration, but one day Pn. Shazleen came to me and say, "Why you look sad this year? Are you not happy? Last year you smile a lot but not anymore, why?"
I was very surprised because I thought I was doing fine and nobody noticed that I wasn't ok deep inside my heart. I said no I don't have any problem but she asked me "are you sad because you are in third class? sedih ea?" and when I heard that, I almost cried because at last there was someone who noticed what I was depressed and at last I could admit that I was very sad because I had to go to 3rd class. Memang la semua org ckp klas kedua ke pertama ke tak penting la, I love my class la, I also pretended to be ok with that, pretended that I didn't mind about that. But to be honestly i wasn't ok! And I felt relieved because finally I could admit that I wasn't ok and there was someone who cared me and noticed my change.

My university teachers/Profs
I have like 25 classes each year so I met quite a lot of lecturers and it would be too long if I list one by one so I gonna make it short:
4: John Mancuso
He taught me Academic Presentation, he is really energetic and a little bit crazy (hehe sorry John!) but I can feel that he is actually a loving, caring person eventhough he doens't sounds like it. He taught me to be strong, to be brave to defend myself when I face mean person, and to enjoy this life fully! And this is first time for me to call my teacher by his name! it's unbelievable in my country.

5: Prof Hayashi
He is my seminar/zemi lecturer, I love his personality, how he speaks, his words are always organized and I never heard any unnecessary word from his mouth! He is a good example of "makin berisi padi, makin tunduk" or more you have knowledge(or more you have power) the more humble you are. He has many titles and a high positions and he is reaaaally humble! I felt so bad watching him collecting comment papers from a big hall all by himself, like he can hire a Teaching Assistant or ask students to bring papers to infront of hall but instead, he collected them one by one. I love listening to his talk because he really has a good speaking skills, it's calming and at the same time really organized and precise.

6: Prof Morimura
I never talked to him personally, I just taking his class but I loooove it! He talks about France in 17th to 18th century and even though I'm not that big fan of that era's history, but the he give lecture is really interesting.

7: Prof Suzuki
I took his politic class last semester: I didn't think for any chance that I would be interested un politics but he change me that, now I take more politic classes! He is also a very organized person, he gave us a complete handouts for each class but leave it blank where it is important. You
might think that it's childish, to fill a blank but hey I enjoy his method! It helps me keep concentrated and at least I will be more aware when he is talking about important points.

8: Greg Dvorak
He is another teacher I call by his name, so I don't know his title. ><
He gave me inspiration to keep writing, like what am I doing right now. *wink* I made many mistakes when I took his writing class, but he never said like "you are wrong because bla bla" but instead of it, he never said that my essay is a bad one or give negative comments. He accepted what ever I wrote, and this make me feel like to write more. He said that you shouldn't stop when you ate writing.

Do you have any favourite teachers? ;)

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I wear hijab

Salam and hello, people. :)

Today I want to write about a quite sensitive issue, but an issue that always on my mind. :) It's about why I wear hijab or head scarves and cover up my body.

What do you think of when people ask you why you wear a hijab and what's benefit of it? if you are a muslimah.

And if you are non-muslim or a brother, why do you think that islam asks their women to cover up their body except for face and hands?

Some of popular answers that I heard since I was a kid is like "to prevent harassment from men"and it is quite a popular belief that wearing a hijab completely can prevent a woman from being harassed or involved in sexual crimes. I would say NO WAY to that beliefs. I will talk about why I think hijab alone cannot prevent us from becoming victims in another post when I have time and mood to write about it because it's gonna long and today I just want to say why I wear my hijab.

My answer is really simple. It's because Allah asked me to do so(here I don't know if the word "ask" is suitable in this context or not, maybe ordered?required?is more suitable), that's the only reason why I wear hijab.

It would be lie if I say that I never wanted to run in beach without my head scarves. It would be a lie if I say that I never felt like want to curl my hair, dress in pretty one piece and walk in a pair of lace sandals. But when I think of how my act will disappoint The Prophet Muhammad alaihi salam when I meet them in world after(if I could), it's not worth to do. It's not worth if I make the best man in world, the man who love his ummah so much and the man who cared about us muslimah until his last breaths, sad. I just can't.

I don't have any reason why I shouldn't obey my God's order. If I wear hijab beause people around me, or because I'm scared of my mom or dad, I would probably take off my scarf here because if I do not say anything, people here do not know that I'm a muslim, they won't tell me to wear my hijab even if they knew. In fact, there's quite many muslims who quit to follow some islam's rules when they are out of their country. But I don't want to do so because it's about me and Allah, one-to-one. It's not that my life will be threaten or my health condition will be bad if I wear hijab. I  do not have any prolem in my hijab.

If you think wearing a hijab can prevent you from becoming a victim of sexual crimes, you have to be careful and rethink about it deeply because from my experience, I got more harassment from muslim men when I'm in my so called "islamic" country Malaysia. Now I'm living in a non-muslim country but so far men here do not stare me like I'm a piece of meat and they do not flirt easily with me. I'm not saying that non-muslim men are better than muslim men when it comes to respect a woman (tapi kalau korang nak terasa, sila la sapa yang makan cili tu ye) but I just want to say that you are not safe even though you are wearing a hijab unless guys do not lower their gaze and respect you as a lady, a woman, a sister.

And I really hate to hear some people say it's women's faults why these day there are so many social problems such as zina, buang anak, keruntuhan akhlak, dan sebagainya. And some people also say that if all women wear hijabs completely and cover their aurah completely, there won't be such problems. Crazy, and really unfair! How could you punish your weak sisters just because you men cannot control yourselves? It's really clear that men are stronger in physical and mental so why men cannot control their nafsu? Are our men are that weak, can't resist to see some girls' body? then lower your gaze! Allah asked us to cover up so why can't you also do your part by lowering your gaze!If you blame girls for social problems, then why dont't each of you take a really good care of your sisters daughters and girl friends? If each of you take care of your family members and do not let them wear seductive clothes or act immodestly, then it won't be any problem, right? Pastu leh plak cakap "sian anak dara tua ni, makin meningkat bilangan anak dara yang tak kahwin, makin banyak masalah social, kesian dorg tak de orang jaga" dan jadikan alasan untuk kahwin lebih, mmg wtf gila ah.

Yes, this is my opinion. Tak puas hati? Terasa? But it's MY opinion and I do not force anybody except my lil sisters to wear hijab, so don't make a fuss about it.

Lastly, as always, thank you for reading<3 sorry if this sounds harsh but I'm being honest. ^^

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salad dinner

Salam and hello, people. :)
I'm currently laying on my bed with dizzy head, I'm a little bit sick right now. :( I've 3classes and 1 zemi to attend but I decided to not to go to the classes and only attend the zemi in afternoon. Seriously I rarely become sick so when I am, it's really tsurai. :'(

Anyway, recently I love to have salds as my dinner, for your information I have really big appetite so I won't be full unless it's saladS or big one. And one of my favourite bowl of salad is avocado and shrimp salad with mayonnaise and thai chili sauce<3 yummm! Avocado is really good for your skin beauty, experts says that you should eat half of it each day if possible.

This salad's recipe is really easy, what you need is an avocado(ripe one), some lettuce, boiled shrimps, mayo and chilli sauce. First you cut the lettuce or tear it by your hands into smaller size that's easy for you to eat, boil shrimps, and cut avocado into cubes. Then put them on a bowl or plate, pour mixture of chilli sauce and mayo. I usually just put them differently because I have to wash extra dish if I mix them together first. lol

Another simple healthy dish I love is Hiyayakko, a cold dish served usually in summer but I love to have that all the time. Hiyayakko is basically a tofu with toppings and some soy sauce or dressing. I love to have my hiyayakko with a lot of wakame (seaweeds) and japanese soy sauce or japanese basil dressing if I want to cut off my salt intake. Other toppings I love is kimchi and boiled bean sprouts namul.

Namul is actually a korean dish, and you can make it using many vegetables but I love bean sprouts one. Recipe of bean sprouts is also easy(meh, my fav recipes are all simple easy one, I'm a busy colledge girl!). First boil bean sprouts in a boiling water about 2min, take them out and drain, put into a container and pour a little bit of sesame oil, japanese soy sauce, and salt or pepper if you want. Leave it in a fridge and mix it well so that bean sprouts soaked into soy sauce evenly. You don't need much of soy sauce, just a little bit and it can give a taste to sprouts. And it would be good if you have thin coantainer because it's easier to give taste evenly. You can have different types of namuls with rice as simple bibimbap too!

I think I should rest again now, my head aches a little bit. I would be happy if these simple recipes help you guys to have a healthy yet simple dishes so tell me if you have question or request. :)

Thanks for reading<3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I write in English

As always, thank you so much for spending your time to read my blog. I know my English grammar is terrible, but what I want to do here is not writing an essay to win a scholar for English but to share what I love to people who are kind enough to come to my blog and for my own recording.

I used to have a writing class with this one teacher, he adviced us to keep writing and don't erase anything before you finish writing it. Because it's kind of momentum thing, if you write a couple of sentences and go back to check its grammar, erased what's wrong, and make new sentences for each, then you will stop writing someday.

Same goes with talking. Is there any of you started to talk when you really had understand everything about grammar and stuff when you were a kid? No way! A child speaks without fearing about mistakes. And he or she will learn through mistakes he or she made and won't stop speaking. And so do I. I will not stop writing just because I'm not good in it yet. :)

So keep reading my blog and you watch it yourself wheter I improved or not by writing a blog!lol

Thank you for reading<3

movie review: Seven Pounds

Salam and hello, :)

It is a long week for me, even though it's just middle of week but I got a lot of appointments and things to do! It's already Wednesday but I didn't have time to go to gym yet. :(

Today I joined a meeting at Imperial Hotel in Hibiya, then did some makeup
shopping at Shinjuku(I'll upload it later about what I bought) and came homw quite early for these past few days. Then I realized that I haven't watched one of two DVDs that I borrowed from rental shop so I decided to watch it because I have to return in tomorrow. It's Seven Pounds, starred by Will Smith whom I like sooo much! By the way, the other DVD that I borrowed is Blood Diamond, quite strong but I still recommend you to watch it because it makes you to think a lot about Africa, inequalities, value of lives, and so on.

Back to the first movie, Seven Pounds, I picked it up without knowing how the story is so it was quite confusing for me to understand for first part. Actually I have to admit that I'm really easy to get drowned by emotions and I easily effected by others being hurt (that's why I said Blood Movie was too storong for me, the movie is full of violences). And it was really bad for me to watch a nice man being verbally abused by the main charactor which played by Will Smith. It was breaking my heart to watch him saying really bad words to a blind man. :'(

I would say that Ben is a really determined man, but I don't think that he should do what he did. He got so many people loves him, and I think by giving love and hopes to as many people as he can is enough to pay back what he did (well I know, how hard a person try it is not enought to replace what is lost from car accident victims' family) because he already regret what he did and try to be a good man. I don't know, I just couldn't hold my tears back when Emily met Ezra, I imagined how it was for her to seeing her beloved's eyes. :'(

I think people who are willing to and people who donated their organs are very brave and honorable. I know it is really a good thing to do but I'm not brave enought to sign for the donor card because yeah, I'm so scared of pain. But when I think about how beautiful is this dunya/world and how many people who haven't seen or really enjoyed it, I feel really bad for them that I, who was gifted so many things from Allah but never/haven't used His gift properly for maximum. Like, if you are going to die, but your organs could be used to help other people in this world, why don't you? Life is temporary, and we do not own anything here, even our eyes, heart, kidneys, lungs, everything is Allah's and we just borrowed them so why we refuse to give them back to Allah and help other people to live? I know all of that, but still I don't feel like I will do it because, hmmmmmmmm.......

I might make another entry for Blood Diamonds too later. ;)
See you soon! and thanks you for reading<3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

fake or natural?

just random.

situasi mcm kt bawah ni bukan sekali dua je yg blaku. =,=

A=kwn atau kenalan perempuan

A: Eh cantik la kulit awk! Apa awk buat?
S: tak de apa-apalah.. saya biase2 je..
A: Alaaa share la~~
S: emm saya jarang cuci muka dgn sabun, klu cuci pun buihkan betul2 n basuh lembut2 jgn tonyeh2 dgn jari. toner dan pelembap jgn lupa, bila nk kuar rumah msti pakai sunblock, sblm tdo plak pki krim dan krim mata.
A: ish banyaknya step, takpe lah. I
kan bz. takde masa nak belek2 muka cm u.

duhhh~ kan? *roll-eyes*

ni versi len plak.
A: eh cantiknya kulit awk! berseri-seri!
S: takde lah.. biase2 je..
A: share la, kte pun nk kulit cmtu jgk!! tak baik tau kedekut ilmu..
S: hmm sy pakai base makeup yg ad sunscreen sekali, pki foundation Clinique, tutup hitam bwh mata dgn concealer MAC, pstu akhir sekali pki loose powder Laura Mercier.
A: Ah!makeup! no winder lah *jeling jijik*

hey apa dorg sbnrnya nak???

yg kes pertama tu, sy just
kongsi apa sy buat sbb dia tanya. dia xnk buat sbb malas, xpe lah tp xyah la nk ckp cm sy ni org jenis xd keje slain jaga kulit muka. cara pjagaan muka mmg bbeza ikut org, ad kwn sy try cara sy ni n alhamdulillah berkesan. kalau xd rasa utk baiki kulit muka sendiri, xyah la nk perlekehkan org len kan..

yg 2nd tu mmg ramai. mmg ramai yg aggp org cantik (eh i cantik ke lol) pakai makeup adalah tidak dikira sebagai cantik yang sah. kononnya tak "au naturale", kononnya "fake".

sy paham je konsep tabaruj sume tu kan. sy tau wanita tidak sepatutnya pakai mekup dgn niat utk tarik phatian org len, sama ada perhatian org laki atau org ppuan sndri. TAPI, sy just nak luahkan bpe banyak kata2 yg sangat mencucuk hati yg sy terima kalau saya tak pakai mekup. sy dari kecik mmg ad eye beg yg teruk. korg xcaya, cuba korg tgk sepupu sy yg umur 7thn, she gets enough sleep (of course, she doesn't have papers!) tapi still mmg pekat hitam kt bwh mata dia. fmly sy pun ramai mcm tu. dan org2 yg xtau psl sy, suka sgt ckp "eeey napa bwh mata u ni? u tak tido ke? teruknya!" or "eh awk ok ke ni? cm xsihat je"
korg tau tak betapa sedihnya bila org risau kita sakit la xtido la padahal kite absolutely fine on that day? sy mmg xsuka org ckp psl tu n sejak hbs spm, sy mmg suka sbb dpt pakai mekup tiap hari. so mmg sy rasa tak puas hati la bila org ckp org pki mekup ni bdosa sbb tabaruj la, gatal la utk goda lelaki
la. fffffff.

pernah satu hari tu saya ad join prog keagamaan. sy mcm teragak2 jgk utk truskan my morning routine tapi bila sy fikir kalau sy yakin apa niat saya dan yakin saya tak buat salah, apa saya nak takut, kalau apa saya buat ni salah, mesti akak-akak len boleh terangkan kat saya apa yg salahnya. so saya pun lepas basuh muka, pakai toner, krim dan sun block. masa belek2 muka tu, ad sorg kakak tu nmpk, tp dia kuar bilik air trus tak cakap apa-apa. pastu bila balik bilik utk kemas barang nak balik rumah, alak tu tanya "awk pki apa td?" sy ckp "sunblock, nti kne matahari. sy xnk kulit cancer atau kedut nanti, hehe" pstu akk tu cite(bukan kt sy sorg, kt sume yg satu bilik) :
"korg tau tak, lelaki ni bila tgok perempuan, dia tak tengok muka tau, dia tengok body. betul, aku dgr dr senior lelaki jgk. lagi2 breast. dorg tgk body, mula mmg dorg tak kisah, jnji ad body."
cmtu lah lbh krg dia ckp. sume mcm bising la kejap dgr cite tu kan. time tu dlm hati sy ad dua pkara:

1: apa jenis lelaki yg cite bnda mcm ni kt perempuan? takde maruah ke? sy tau ad rmi je "ustaz2" yg share cmne nak tau psl badan perempuan tanpa melihat badannya tp sy rasa org yg ckp psl bnda2 mcm ni depan wanita, dorg ni sangat takde maruah, tak senonoh, tak hormat wanita, dan tak menjaga aib dia.
2: so apa akk ni nk mksdkan sbnrnya? kononnya usaha sy utk pikat lelaki dgn menjaga kulit muka ni tak berbaloi sbb laki tgk breast?

mmg tak terkatakan?speechless!

mak saya cakap, Allah bagi kita tubuh badan yg sihat, kenapa kita tak nak jaga seelok-eloknya? tgk baby, ad ke baby penuh jerawat kt muka tu? apa salahnya kita luangkan masa sedikit utk cuci muka dgn cara betul, pakai sunblock utk lindungi kulit muka dari sinaran mentari yg merbahaya? (ha satu jenis lagi manusia yg sy xsuka, yg paksa sy kne jemur dgn matahari sbb kononnya matahari pagi baik utk kesihatan, huh! mana ada Tuhan tukar matahari lps tghari? sama je pancaran dia. klu ko nk, ko bjemur la sorg2 kt luar tu, im out!)

org yg ckp sy fake sbb sy pakai mekup tu, ok, sy tak kisah kalau korg rasa cantik tanpa sebarang mekup kt muka korg tu. tapi honestly i don't think so. korg fikir sy fake, itu pendapat korg kan? then pendapat saya ialah org yg langsung tak apply krim atau mekup atau apa2 kt muka, biasenya muka dorg nmpk dull. terasa? eh yg korg ckp i ni mcm ppuan yg penuh dosa sbb mgoda laki, igt i tak sedih ke?

org mcm ni biasanya ckp psl "natural beauty" la, "don't judge a book by its cover" la,i have a good personality la, then how come a person with "good personality" attack and judge me as a slut just because I use makeup? sy ad ramai kawan yg xmekup, dorg sume comei2 blako xd pun mcm org2 yg ske serang org mekup ni. dorg layan je sy kecoh2 psl kne matahari. xd masalah pun kita bkwn selama ni. tapi org2 yg ske pndg rndah hina jijik kt org pki mekup ni, mmg sy xphm. dorg rasa dorg lawa ke????? dgn perangai yg suka dengki kt org yg lbh berusaha utk jaga muka ni? klu dorg btul2 pcaya dgn natural beauty ni, spttnya dorg xyah la kecoh2 psl kita yg pki mekup. korg rasa korg lah yg plg lawa sebenarnya kan?
bagus lah go ahead.

sy belum pernah jumpa rakan2 sejiwa yg suka mekup ni, kutuk org yg tak suka mekup/jaga muka. kalau sebaliknya, mmg ramai. so sapa sebenarnya yg judge a person by look ni?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another tsunami?

I saw many of my friends posted on FB and Twitter about another big earthquake in Indonesia.. My mom is now in Jakarta/Bandung, she is not in same island ad Aceh but still I'm so worry about. :'(

Be safe, people in Indonesia in Malaysia and anywhere near it. My prayer and thoughts are with you, my brothers and sisters.

Ya Allah please keep my mom safe. :'(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

flower flower flower!!

Salam and hello, people. :)

It definitely getting warmer each day, and since few days ago, the most famous flower in Japan already started to bloom, the sakura or cherry blossom! Sakura flowers last for only less than a week so in this season, Japanese people love to go to picnic and enjoy having a good time and food with friends and family. This event is called "Hanami" or flower seeing and parks will be reaaaly crowded with so many kind of people who comes to have party under sakura trees.

For last 2years I didn't go to hanami for some reasons but I still could enjoy walking under full bloomed sakura trees and reading some books under the tree because there are so many sakura trees along side of the road to my uni. They planted sakura and Icyou(Ginko) tree next to each other so the road will be full with pale pink sakura patels in early April and will be full with yellow Ginko leaves in Autumn. How cool is that?? Actually, one of the reasons why I chose this university is that!lol.

Last Saturday I went hanaming to Yoyogi Park but before that I ran to see a doctor, I cut my finger accidently on Thursday and it was my 2nd time visit to change the bandage. :( He wrapped my hand and wrist as if I broke my finger and people keep asking ne what happened. haha. Seriously I almost fainted so many time while trying to stop bleeding because the cut was a little bit deeper than usual knife cut and I'm kind of person who faint easily when I see a lot of blood. But it was ok la, then I had chance to walk around my uni and feel the lively air, untill now many people come to my uni and the road to enjoy their spring walk, it's quite annoying. :(

That's all.
Hope you have wonderful day too!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Salam and hello :)
It's getting warmer day by day, and flowers started to bloom! I love all seasons but what I love about spring is because I can wear cheerful colourful outfits!

This picture was taken in my uni, infront of the hall. It looks like sakua but actually it's not, it's plum flower. Smelled really nice when I went near the tree to take the picture.

Have a good day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A few tips for my juniors part1

Salam and hello,

I'm on my way to go back to Tokyo, on plane, writing this entry specially for those who are going to Japan like me, 2 years ago. Ow how fast it is!
I heard that this year's batch, 2012年度入学, their flights are in this week or next week, I'm not sure but I really hope that this entry can hilangkan ckit kegelisahan adik-adik sy ni. :)

1. What to stuff into your laggage
You can bring 2laggage, satu yg masa check-in tu dan satu lagi hand laggage yg kita akan bwk.

Dalam laggage besar tu, letak la apa2 korg suka: kicap, maggi, stok tudung dan brooch, baju, bantal busuk bantal wangi, apa2 lah. Cuma kalau botol kaca ke apa2 yg mudah pecah, bungkus elok2 dan masukkan dlm plastic bag. Mane tau botol perfume pecah dan habis kena kat satu beg kan? hihi. Dokumen2 pntg yang tak diperlukan segera pun msuk kt sini jgk.
Kalau tak silap, limit berat dia 20kg, tapi korg leh tambah lagi 10kg kalau ad kad grad. Masa saya fly awal2 dulu, berat beg sy nk dkt 40kg pstu kne marah dgn org airport!hihi tp lps sbb dah lmbt time tu. korg jgn tiru plak ye. ;)

Dalam hand laggage, bwk:
•beg duit yg b'isi cash dan travel cek tu
• alamat rumah senpai yg korg akan post laggage besar kt sana nanti
•atleast satu salinan baju utk korg pki sblm tgu beg bsar
•kasut selesa dan menutup buku lali utk tukar lps smpi, klu kasut kulit korg selesa, yg ni xapa. Time sy, sy bwk ksut ballerina je so sgt la sejuk. :'( Set stoking pun bwk la utk tukar kan. :)
•kompas solat, boleh guna iphone senpai bila dah smpi tp mane tau kan waktu solat dah msuk sblm jmpe senpai. bwk la kopiah ke kain pelekat ke telekung ke kalau nak.
•2batang pen. satu utk sndri, satu lg utk pass2 kt kwn. :p nti dlm flight, kne isi 2borang, borang custom dan disembarkation card.
•botol kosong utk sapa yg suka minum air kosong. nti dlm flight, mtk isikan air dlm botol, so xd la korg asyik pggil akk/abg tu je. dlm flight sgt kering, so bwk la lotion ke lip balm ke utk sapa yg perlu. tapi ingat, liquid sume kne isi kt satu beg khas.
•coat atau jacket, nk pki dlm pjalanan ke rumah senpai. ikut tmpt msg2 la sejuk mcm mana. kalau area tokyo, skrg suhu bwh 10darjah. so skrg ni sy pki coat, baju biasa, dlm tu pki inner lengan panjang, seluar, stokin, dan ankle boots. sapa yg takut sejuk tp leh bwk bnyk sgt, belilah カイロ kt kdai daiso yg ad kt msia. bila sejuk, tanpal kt blkg, tgh2 ulat belikat atau bwk kt poket.
•berus gigi, ubat gigi, pencuci muka dan lain2 keperluan peribadi. sapa yg pki contact lens, bwk la solution yg travel size. sume bwk yg size kecik je. kt sana beli baru je. apa yg leh beli kt sana, beli je. bwk brg yg xleh jmpe kt sane je ye. :)
•kfc atau apa2 yg dipesan oleh senpai2. :p korg nk bwk roti gardenia ke, mcd ke, boleh bwk ke sana insyaAllah. cuma jgn bwk yg berkuah2 la ye!

ok part1 ni utk brg yg bwk je. klu smpt sblm tarikh korg blps tu, i upload lg ye. all the best!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

break fast

what my dad bought for my break fast. =,=
my dad is always worry about me getting enough food or not. aiyooooo

Monday, March 12, 2012


salam, my friends :)

Last weekend I went to Cerating to have some keropak lekor. What's that?? Well, korg yg Malaysian tau la kan, keropok lekor is something like fish sausage and it's really popular in East Coast of Malaysia. There are many stores selling this food in Kuala Lumpir too but the taste is not same for me, I'm used to have ones that made mainly from fish and not starch like ones in KL.

We went to several stores selling keropok lekor to enjoy the difference texture and taste of it, then we went to beach to enjoy some sea breeze. Actually, on other day, I bought a big pink straw hat in Port Dickson so I really couldn't wait to wear it in beach! XP

On the way home, I bought a swim suits that covers whole body, I now I can't wait to go to pool! Also I bought a summer dress for my friend as a souvenier. :) After that, we went my brother's uni and had dinner near it, the university is just infront of beach and honestly I'm jealous. :(

It was a short one day trip but I really enjoy it. It's been quite long since the last time we went to family vacation and I don't know how many times left for me to have fun with my whole family again like this. It's maybe sad but we all grow up and get difficult to gather like before. hmmmmm ;(

ok that's it. Bes cuti ni dpt jalan sane sini!
Thank you for reading<3

Friday, March 9, 2012

Yummy Tomyam

Salam and hello, peole. :)
Sorry for the last boring entry, I want to make this blog a fun blog to read, no gaduh2 or negative vibe but I sometimes I can't be the good one when somebody took advantage on me. But I promise that I will upload more positive entries after this.

Yesterday I went to a reastaurant near by our house to have tomyam soup. Tomyam is a Thai dish but it's popular in Malaysia too. I like tomyam that has rich, creamy, not so clear soup. Usually tomyam soup is red and clear, but I prefer rich one since I had it in Thai restaurant in Tokyo.

And this restaurant have thick creamy tomyam so I always crave for it! The other day I had tomyam with beehoon so this time I tried their special seafood tomyam. It has crab, squids prawns of course, and some lala.

It was so yummy and really cheap, RM7 for one bowl of it, dah la ad ketam seekor dlm tu. I sometimes jealous of my friends who study in Malaysia because they can have nice Malaysian food anytime they like but me, I have to cook it myself or eat at restaurant. One bowl of marinara is about RM40, it's really expensive if compared to Malaysia. :( But, pf course I get paid more in Japan so it's ok la. :p

This is my first time blogging through my iPhone so I don't know how it would be when you see this entry on PC.

Thank you for reading<3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

contact lens review

Salam and Hi people. :)
I've been away from blogging quite for a long time, I am in my home town to enjoy my spring holiday but my goodness, now I am so ANGRY and I can't stop myself from blogging about it to prevent people to become another "victim" of this one person. Especially who are looking for Puffy 3tones and Nudy Brown.

I use colour contact lenses daily, well I don't need your opinion about the risk of wearing it now, but I usually buy about 4pairs of them every time I'm back in Malaysia for break. This is the 3rd time I purchased it from  3 different people, all through internet. The 1st one is the one I wrote about it on my ColorZoom review entry , the second girl was a sweet girl and I like how she treats her customer, she's so friendly but the latest person, gosh!

Firstly I sent a msg to her fb acc after seeing some pictures of lenses that she sell on her albums. I stated which power of lenses I would like to buy, 2.75 and 1.75, and which colour that I'm interested in, pink and grey, in my msg. She replied me after several days, and gave me the total price for the lenses and her acc no to bank in the money. She also gave me her mobile no to text her after I send the money.

Then after I made the transaction several days later, she send me a fb msg to say "hey dear sorry grey already sold out". Isn't it rediculous? She told me AFTER I made the transaction to say that goods that I wanted are already sold out! I admit that maybe I should bank in the money earlier but she send msj and said that "tak sengaja/didn't realize that somebody else bought grey one earlier" How dare you! And she said she want to return RM25 to me, i refused it because I thought it is stupid to pay RM6 for postage for only one pair of lenses. I said that to her and asked are the pink lenses with power that I wanted or not, and she said yes. Means she had pink lenses with power 2.75 and 1.75, this is what I understand from her reply. She also offered me to give rm3 postage and return the rest of RM25 for grey lenses.

What?? I just wanted to buy what I want and what I was promised for. Not RM25 for grey lenses plus RM3 for the postage. Am I too much? Isn't it natural for people who shop? Is there any people who are OK when they find out that goods they wanted and already ordered and PAID are sold to some body else?? NO, I'm not ok and I'm not a weak timid customer. I want what I want and if I can't, atleast I request a rasional answer or excuses from the shop.

You think you can just run away from me? You are wrong, girl. Business is something serious even though what you thought you are doing is just selling cheap lenses to help you get some pocket money and I, am really strict and fierce when I talk about money! grrrrrrr! ok let's continue.

Then she offered me to replace the lenses with other type of lenses with same power that I asked for, since I refused to get money back but when I check her fb album, the ones that she offered to replace, Nudy Brown and Nudy Blue's prices were RM23, 2dollars cheaper than what I paid for! Gosh! Again this girl treated me like I'm a fool who can't find out about that myself. Than again she sent me another text, and said that she want to give me one free pair because it was her fault. I thought, "hm, ok what because she seemes to be really sorry" So I ended up with getting 2pairs of pink lenses and 1 pair of Nudy Brown lenses for free.

And you know what I got today? Yes they were Puffy 3tones in Pink lenses and Nudy Brown BUT but the power were 2.50 and 1.00 for pink and 2.00 for BOTH brown one. She sent me 3 pairs of lenses that I can't even wear them.

And you know what happened when I wanted to tell her about this through fb msg instead of writing it on her wall (she sent me a friend request but I didn't approved yet) or albums where her customer or customer-to-be can see it, but she blocked me form messaging her and I can't even go to her wall or click her name on it. Fine.


For people who are interested to buy Puffy 3 Tones lenses or Nudy lenses, read my entry and make your own decision. I'm not saying not to buy from this girl, but this is what I got from her. I won't write an entry like this just because I paid RM56 and got 3 pairs of lenses that I can't wear, but because she blocked me and ran away from me. You managed to piss me, miss. And I'm not afraid to talk what is true.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

milik siapakah?

Hidayah itu milik Allah. Kita tak boleh paksa orang untuk beriman, kerana tugas kita hanyalah mengajak manusia ke arah kebaikan, ke jalan Allah.

Sounds so familiar and so common, kan? Leh hafal n bila ditanya, senang je keluar dari mulut tanpa sekat-sekat. Tapi berapa ramai yang ikhlas nak ajak manusia ke arah makruf? Berapa ramai yang betul-betul menjalankan tugas sebagai da'i?

Tajuk entry ni takde kene-mengena dengan lagu zaman dulu-dulu ya. Ini berkaitan dengan izin Allah dan apakah usaha kita. :)

Hari ni tiba-tiba terfikir pasal tu sebab tengok status kawan yang bertukar ke Islam. Sebelumnya dia tak tulis apa-apa kt agama. Nama pun dah ada nama Islam. Akak tu belajar Bahasa kt universiti, sebab tu banyak berkawan dgn budak-budak Malaysai kt sini. Saya jumpa akak tu masa ada open house kt akk Malaysia yang lain.

Masa tengah duduk-duduk sambil tunggu giliran untuk solat, akak tu tanya, macam mana nak solat? Masa tu semua macam tiba-tiba senyap, semua mcm tak nak jawab soalan akak tu. Saya segan sebab saya baru kali pertama jumpa akak tu, senior lain kan ada. Siapa ntah bagitau kt akk Jepun tu, takbir, baca alfatihah,rukuk, sujud tu one set(rakaat), n ulang ikut bilangan yang ditetapkan cnthnya kalau Subuh, 2kali set tu. Lepas tu akak tu tanya macam mana nak baca al-fatihah tu, boleh tak ajarkan dia. Time ni lagi la semua orang awkward, sume tunduk.

Saya cakap kalau dengar mp3, senang cikit nak hafal. Dia pun cakap dia dah ada beberapa surah dalam player dia, tapi susah nak baca tulisan arab. So saya cakap kalau dah boleh tulis arab, senang cikit nak hafal sebab boleh ingat dengan maksud sekali. Lepas tu akak tu ada tanya lagi detail maksud basmalah, al-fatihah, dan bacaan-bacaan lain dalam solat. Memang dalam hati berdebar-debar lah kan, tak sangka sampai dia dah dengar ayat-ayat al-Quran. Ingat dia just nak tanya je, sebab curious. Tapi len macam je sebab detail sgt, mcm dia nak solat betul-betul je. Time ni saya tak tahu apa yang bermain di fikiran akak tu. (Sampai sekarang pun, bukannya saya leh tgk apa yg ad dlm isi hati org len, hehe.)

Alhamdulillah, sekarang ni ramai yang kembali pada islam, makin ramai gadis-gadis pakai tudung, dan ustaz-ustaz pun dah jadi popular dan dijadikan ikon. Dan makin ramai yang sedar pasal kepentingan tarbiyah atau dakwah. Tapi apa yang saya sedih, kita ni macam syok sendiri je. Buat kem, seminar, event, sume dikalangan kita2 org islam melayu. Cakap nak jadi da'i, tapi bila ada orang bukan islam tanya tentang islam secara terperinci, sume cabut lari membisu mengunci mulut. Tak pandai cakap bahasa Jepun la, tak reti nak explain la, buat apa nak cakap detail pasal solat kat orang kafir yg tak solat la, macam-macam alasan. Tapi kalau rakyat Malaysia bangsa lain yg fasih bahasa Melayu tanya kita, kita leh jawab ke? Yang faham bahasa Melayu dan adat-adat melayu tapi tak berapa tahu tentang islam tanya kt kita, kita leh jawab ke? Anak kita tanya, kita leh jawab ke? Ke kita semua serahkan kerja tarbiyah kat hanya ustaz ustazah kt sekolah agama dan pegawai jabatan islam je?

Kita gembira bila ada saudara baru join kita. Tapi berapa ramai di antara kita memudahkan dorg untuk kembali ke islam? Memanglah hidayah itu milik Allah, tapi ada tak kita turut serta dalam proses dorang nak kenal islam? Saya rasa sangat sedih sebab saya tak tolong akak tu sekuat tenaga saya, saya bagitau sikit-sikit je, pstu suruh akak tu belajar arab n ingat sendiri. Rasa bersalah sangat. :(

Ingat tak masa kat sekolah, cikgu selalu galakkan kita untuk study group, ajar kawan-kawan yang kurang faham tentang pelajaran. Sebab kalau kita leh explain kt orang, ia boleh mengukuhkan ingatan kita dan fahaman kita, kalau tak leh explain, belum faham sepenuhnya la maksudnya. Bagi saya, islam pun macam tu jugak. Kita kena faham betul-betul apa yang kita amalkan, apa yang kita baca semua tu. Tak boleh la setakat hafal je, buat sebab dah biasa atau sebab orang lain pun buat.

Allah pun pernah tegur Nabi saw, untuk jangan abaikan orang yang datang minta diajar. So mari lah kita bersiap sedia dengan ilmu yang cukup, supaya tak panic bila ada orang tanya, so that kita leh sumbang untuk jalan Allah dengan bagi bantuan kt dorg yg bminat. :)

Islam tak perlukan kita tapi kita yang perlukan islam<3

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How To Take Care Of Dry Hands

pelik. tiba2 blog sy yg selama ni bergiat secara underground dan hanya dikunjung oleh beberapa org seminggu, tiba2 je rmi plak yg menjenguk. sy leh tgk dr mane dorg access n gne device ape sume so I guess I know who they are. ;)

Salam and hello to my dear readers and my loyal stalkers<3

Do you guys still remember that I wrote about I had dry skin problem, especially my hands?. I think my condition become better now so I want to share my tips to take care of hands. :D

1. Wash them correctly

Many people use soaps or detergents in daily life but do you know that you have to wash your rinse your hands betul2 after that? Like after you do dish washing, you should rinse your hands with water throughly so that no residue of detergent on your hands that can make your skin irritated or dry, or even worse thing, that you can google about it because I can't explain it. :p

Korg sume guna pencuci pinggan kan? tau tak, sebenarnya pencuci pinggan tu dibuat utk diguna selepas di"dilute"kan dgn air oleh pengguna? Ramai yg guna pencuci tu terus kan, tuang beberapa titis direcly ke sponge. Kesan saki baki pencuci pinggan yang terlekat kt pinggan atau tangan kita tu sgt buruk, yg sy plg igt dan paling cuak (lol) ialah boleh mencacatkan keturunan kita! So be careful when you use detergents, rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Wipe your hands after you wash them

After go back to home or go to toilet, you wash your hands, right? And some people may just leave their hands wet, when they couldn't find dryer for hand or tissues to wipe the water left on hands away. Admit it, I know because I was once such person, I didn't care for bringing my own handkerchief but this habit is not good for dry skin actually. You imagine a paper or towel: what happen after you wet them with water and let them dry just like that? They will shrink and become drier than before you wet them, right?

So make sure you bring your own handkerchief or mini towel in case you couldn't find dryer or tissue. I have been doing this since some places in Japan started to limit usage of electrics due to the earth quake. I usually use hand dryer but they turned the switch off and this still continued in some places in Tokyo so I have to deal with this.

And don't rub your hands, wipe them gently buy pressing the handkerchief for several time. Remember, you should be gentle to your skin, ANY TIME, ok? ;)

3. Lock the moisture!
Using a hand lotion is one of the easiest way to keep your hands' moisture but you know how often you should apply them? Possibly after every time you wash them and before you go out. You can choose which lotion you like, but I think for those who do not have sensitive skin, you can choose any cheap, good-smelling one that can make you want to use it often. For who have sensitive skin, try look for lotion that is made for sensitive skin, without any extra addictive or fragrant or .... emm I think you know your skin better so please look for one that suit yours. :D

And if you still have dry hands, try to do extra at night: wear cotton glove after you rub lotion on to your hands! I do it almost everyday, sometimes I sleep with the gloves on and it works! I wash my face, do wudhu', do my daily skin care routine and lastly I apply lotion and put gloves on. My skin improved so dramatically after that, alhamdulillah, and now I don't feel embarrassed whenever I shake hands with people!

So, if you also have same problem like me, why don't you give it a try?;)

No, I'm not receiving any money from Body Shop. :p

I use Hemp Hand Protector that I got from my happy beg and boy, it works! I've been wanted to buy it before, but didn't buy it because I think it's quite expensive for hand lotion. But now I soooo like it, it works! It's in aluminium tube, and I think it's cool.

Thank you for reading<3

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 2012 Resolution

Salam, and hello.

I actually already half done and then I don't know it just gone, I think I pressed wrong button, and this auto save function saved it and I couldn't reach my draft anymore. So sad. :(

Anyway, I was reviewing what happened in 2011. It was such a year, so many incident happened and we had been tested so many times. First we witnessed Arab's thaurah, or revolution and the we were shocked by Japan's huge earthquake. Personally, it was really a shocking incident for me because I'm living in Japan, and I tell you, the situation was so out of normal, it's like we were in war situation although I never been in war. Soon the situation got better but we still cannot forget about people who are suffering from effects of tsunami and radiation. At that time, I felt like "Ok this year is  such a test for everyone in Japan" and never thought that other big incident will happened in same year. But then we lost many famous people, I don't want to take any side but hey, they are already receiving their part after their death, we are still living so who are we to judge them? I'm sure many people also suffered from European financial crisis, floods in Brazil and Thailand, other incidents. But after everything, we managed to survive those. For us who are left to go on with live, let's make 2012 a better year together. :)

Hehe that's my long, long opening. Here it is, my 2012 resolution:

1. Study. Study French, Italian and Spanish more seriously until I reach to a level I can enjoy simple conversation with native speakers.

2. Read books. Especially about difference among mazhabs and Islamic economy system, which I really interested in but didn't have chance to. I want to spare more time for reading.

3. Socialize. I mean, to meet new people, and appreciate friends that I already have. Say hi to people first and if they say hi to me, I should smile and be friendly. 

4. Travel to:
        Australia and visit my best friend there.
        somewhere with my girl friend. Maybe to Korea or inside of Japan.
        somewhere in Japan by my self. I want to do a solo trip again.

6. Save money enough to my Europe trip next year's spring insyaAllah. My target is around 300000Yen. I want a Mac Book Air too but not really sure. I might rather spend the money for invest on my closet but, I've been dreaming for it for quite long. Not sure.

6. Smile. Less thinking about people hate me or things that make me unhappy. Appreciate what I have and concentrate on what and how I can achieve more.

That's all. Quite many ha? :p I don't know can achieve all or even I remember this or not after 3months but yeah, it's free to dream and you can always make new goal again if the old one didn't fit you. :D

Me when I was in Ireland last year.
Haha I love this photo because I look so confident. This picture really suit my mood, so motivated!
So now I want to start to study Italy, for the final exam.. :( Please pray for me, I have 11 final exams to survive!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Readers,

I'm not a perfect person. Everyday I try to be a better one but sometimes I fail and maybe I make a wrong decision. Don't expect me to be your idol, nor put high expectation. I'm not an angel, I'm not an ustazah. If you feel disappointed by my act, please send me private emails or talk to me directly. Commenting sarcastic mean comments on my blog like a silly teenager won't be a good choice to advice me.

Mt. Fuji

Just some pictures I took during my new year shopping trip in an outlet mall near Mt. Fuji.

I took this picture on train.
I was soooo excted to see big Mt. Fuji or  Fuji-san, I can see Fujisan almost everyday from where I live but it's small from here.

An onigiri
We had some onigiri while waiting the train. I woke up quite early on that day because the journey is quite long, about 2hours and half and I wanted to go there as soon as possible before all bargains were bought by other shoppers. I was at my nearest station around 7am, changed trains like 3 or 4 times, so I was so hungry when we reached the last station to change train.

Onigiri is a rice bowl with topping inside (?), my favorite onigiri is salmon flakes and okaka, dried tuna flakes with soy sauce. Other popular onigiris are tuna mayonnaise, sour plum, and cod roes.

Doves in station were quite big, or just I rarely see doves this closely, they were cute, they didn't run away even we came nearer to them, so I kejar-kejar until train comes.

Makin dekat kt area Fujisan, makin sejuk sebab jauh dgn bandar.

No pictures were taken during shopping time because I was too busy!lol
The sale was quite good, Coach and Samantha Thavasa offered 50% discounts and Coach gave another 30% discount to people who bought a hand beg. I didn't buy any because there was nothing that I really liked. I bought a train pass holder from Kate Spade, actually I wanted a purse but didn't find any that I really liked. Maybe next time. :)

I was saving my money from December for this trip and I really enjoyed it! For now I will save money again for summer sale in July. But I'm going to Australia and I hope I can go to Europe again so I should save more.. :(

Body Shop's Happy Beg

Salam, and a happy new year again!

Ok for this entry, I want to write about what's inside of "happy beg" that I bought on 1st January. In Japan, happy begs or fukubukuro are sold during new year's sale. Basically, it's a beg that contains many products from that shop or brand, and usually you can't see what't inside but they claim that total products' price inside of the beg is more than the price of the beg itself. But since you don't really know what's inside, it's like a happy draw, and people here enjoy it as a new year's tradition to test out their luck for the year.

For me, ofcourse I did research first on internet, and I thought buying fukubukuro from Body Shop is  a good idea. They have 3 types, 3500yen, 5000yen and 10000yen. I bought 5000yen one (around RM204 or 51euro.

Actually you can see what's inside of beg and choose what you like in Body Shop, so I chose one that has a shampoo set, I really needed new ones at that time.

I got:
1. Shampoo and conditioner from same line.
2. Hair treatment
3. Wide comb
4. Small body wash and lotion set with bath lily.
5. 2 shower gels.
6. Hand cream
7. Nail file
8. 4 pencils

Rainforest Volume Shampoo
 I was looking for a non-silicone shampoos, and that's why I chose this beg. They smell like cranberries, I think, and I like it. This is my first time using non-silicone shampoo, so I'm not used to the feeling yet, the shampoo doesn't make foams as much and my hair is not as smooth as before. But I will continue to use this because non-silicone shampoo is good for my hair, insyaAllah. :)

Wide comb and Rainforest Radiant Hair Treatment

I already have a wide tooth comb to comb my hair before shampoo, saya jarang sikat rambut so I don't use this much. I use this treatment together with Volume shampoo and conditioner. and this one smell nicer than them, it's like yummy sweet smell like cake or kuih. I wanted this series of shampoo set if I could. This hair treatment doesn't contain silicone too.

Small Moroccan Rose body gel set

I totally happy to get this set because Moroccan Rose is my top favorite smell from Body Shop and I use its perfume too. This is a travel size so it will be handy when I go to a trip.

Full size body gels
I was interested in this series since it was launched in summer, I thought of buying it to use during my morning shower so I was really happy to get not one but two of them! I tried only one of them, FIg and Rosemary one but oh my goodness, it doesn't smell good! When I use it, I feel like a chicken to be marinated because of the rosemary smell. It's still tolerable to use but I will not choose to buy it myself. It's just....erghh. BUT, my skin become really smooth and soft after I used this. I think I will use it once a while and enjoy it's not-so-good smell, but not confident to use it until end. The other Lemon and Thyme one has a refreshing, pleasant smell, I'm thinking of use it after gym session or in the morning when I want to be refreshed.

Hemp hand protector and nail file
I love collecting hand cream and lotions so I love this. I didn't buy it by myself before this because it's expensive for a hand cream, but I know it's really popular item and Body Shop. I'm using it right now, typing this entry with cotton gloves on, gloves that I bought from this brand as well. I love that it's in aluminium tube. For nail file, I think I'm not gonna use it because I don't like the feeling, I just feel nervous macam calar kukur je. Geli.

For pencils,I don't know what to do because I don't use pencils anymore and I don't have exams that have to use pencils. I don't have any pencil sharpener in my dorm room. =,= But they are pretty so I will use it to take notes in room or give them to my little cousins.

That's all. Thank you for reading<3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Clay mask

salam, and happy new year!

it's already 2012!!! and don't tell me about crazy end of the world rumors, I not gonna listen to those stories and hey, poor Maya people how long you want them to make calender? they just simply got bored or tired, I

Ok this year's first entry is a review entry on my favorite clay mask for pores. My skin doesn't have much problem like acne or being too oily or too dry, alhamdulilah, but one of my biggest concerns since I was in secondary school is about pores. I have problem about that. I tried to clean my face 2times in a day, do nose strips once a week, scrubbing, warm them with steam, squeeze them with a tool that has small hole to squeeze black heads, go to facial and etc. But still, I have black pores around my nose and it quite hurts when my friends ask me like "eh why you have black dots around your nose?", especially when we were in school, not anymore because now we are grown ups and I think nobody will say such mean things to me. I hope so lah. It's not that I was being lazy and didn't take care of my face, I did, but it just didn't work.

(Sy igt lg masa sy kt SMK, ad sorg kwn sy ni ad bnyk black pores, and sgt bnyk dan agak menonjol bintik2 kt hidung dia tu. Tapi takda sapa sebut pasal tu n sy pun fikir, oh dia pun menghadapi masalah yg sama, so sy pun xckp apa2lah. Tapi satu hari time rehat tgh duduk sembang2 dgn kwn2, tiba2 dia tnya nape sy ad bnyk bintik hitam kt hidung. Sy igt lg dia wat muka jijik n tgk closely kt muka sy n tanya tak basuh muka betul2 ke? Mmg terkejut nape dia wat cmtu n kita sume cm tdiam xtau nk reaksi cmne.. hihi cite sedih time dulu2..)

But now I am not that poor tiny teenager anymore and I can try many products in markets!

I already tried blive products, but I think it's quite pricey and I couldn't consistently because rasa rugi kalau guna banyak2 and I just used them once a while.

When I went to Korea in September, ofcourse I looked for products can help my problem kan, and I did some survey on beauty magazines and blogs about Korean cosmetics and I found this:

innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
This is a clay mask from Innisfree, a Korean brand that has natural, organic, herbs things, and I usually don't like such brands, I don't really understand organic things because I like products that I can see it's result, and as a student I can't afford pricey goods. I bought this clay mask and a cream foundation from same line, Jeju Volcanic series because I saw them on magazines without putting any high expectation, but I totally love them and I think they are the top 3 of my favorite Korean brand goods!

It has a really smooth texture, without weird herbal smell or anything, and it just glide smoothly on your face and you don't need much for one time use. Products for closing pores are usually really drying and sometime they give you that tight feeling after you use them but surprisingly, this clay mask won't make your skin feel dry or tight. My skin is definitely becomes softer and brighter after I used this. I really like to see my face after I wash the clay out, my cheeks look blushed and my face is radiant<2 hehe prasan.

The price is really affordable, 12,000won, or around RM32 or 8euro. Murah kan? I reaaaaaly recommend ladies who love skin care products and makeups like me to go shopping in Korea because they have many good brands with affordable prices.

I will upload other Korean makeups too soon, insyaAllah.

Thanks for reading<3