Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going back!

Salam, and Hi!

I am going back home tonight and now I'm busy packing stuff and cleaning up my room.

I didn't take much photos this time but, I will upload them later, ok?;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Painful Experience

This afternoon before iftar, I'm going to Shinjuku to take a bus to Hiroshima, my second hometown!wooohooo Semoga pergi dan balik selamat je xd pape..aminn

The otherday, I fainted several times in train station. I was going back home after went to school and my Ikebana teachers' to returned back a book that I borrowed from her. When I was in train, I felt sleepy suddenly, gave some yawn, felt dizzy and I knew that I'm going to faint because this was not the first time it's happening. So I walked out from train, waited some seconds until it stops. I managed to went until my second last station where I had to change train somehow, and I thought I could make it until my last station. There was a waiting room there so I though I could rest there. So I naik escalator and hoped I can go till the exit but then........ Rasa macam tangga escalator yg bergigi2 tu kena kt muka n tangan. An I remembered that I was falling down the escalator stairs and a man kept say "危ないよ" or "watch out" but I was like "what is he talking about? and why am I falling down a stair, I took an escalator"

Then my become clear suddenly so I stood up and left the escalator as if nothing happened bila dah sampai atas. haha. It was about 20m to the waiting room and I tried to reach there as fast as I could but then again boooooom, I fainted, a few seconds later I woke up again, tried to walk to exit then booom, but this time a lady came to me and I went to the side before I faint. cari spot utk nak pengsan secara tenang.hehe When I was sitting against a wall there, I heard that lady and a pakcik called some station staffs so the staffs brought me inside their office. Oh and should I tell you that I fainted several times during that a few meters walk? lol.

There was a small room with a bed there, they told me to take rest as much as I want and they left me with a glass of water. I could feel that my body needs sugar and water, so I read the dua' "Allahumma lakasumtu(you continue it untill end, :p)" and had the water. I slept about 30mins, say thank you to the staffs and went back home.

What I was impressed is that there were actually somebody cared about me, a weird-looking gaijin(foreigner in a little bit rude way to say) in this Tokyo. You know what I mean. Most Japanese try their best not to bother or say hi or even make an eye-contact to people that they know (ugh, sometime if they know you, they will try to avoid making an eye-contact so that they don't have to greet you, wt%). That's why I did not hesitate to sat in the station like a homeless person, I knew people will stare at me even if I was totally fine and being normal so I didn't care about what they will think of me when I was totally sick. But then, the lady and some other people (I heard some people ask me ok or not but I couldn't see them) asked me I'm ok or not and called the staffs.

One more thing, there was a female staff and a male staff when they came to take me inside of their office. When we got there, the male staff called another female staff to hold me the other side. Em I mean, so that both of staffs that hold me are female. cam die care yang sbb sy ni ppuan, biar ppuan yg pgg sy. How thoughtful, isn't it?

And the reason why I bla blaing about my fainting experience is that this evening I'm gonna take train, quite long, about 30mins, before iftar and I'm a little bit afraid that I might fell again. It's just a little bit traumatic about trains because the last time I fainted last year, it was in a train to Shinjuku too. :( hmmmmmmm

Due to that precious(huh?) experience, I got few bruises on my hands and body, it hurts when I want to sleep. :(((

Ok enough for today. I'm going to a vacation, so please wait for the picture I take there!
and happy fasting<3

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer delights

woooohooo I loooove my life right now because I can do whatever I want all day long without worrying about reports or what to eat for lunch at school!

Today I borrowed DVDs from a friend of mine and watched 7episodes non-stop, and cooked a nice meal for iftar. I love Ramadhan cuz I only have to cook 1 time a day. If it's a normal day, I have to cook for breakfast, and prepare a lunch to bring to school, and after all the exhausting day I have to cook a healthy meal for dinner. huh memang penat beb but what can I do, I want to save money for my sprint vacation next year, France and Italy maybe, and cooking my own food can save a lot.

So this is what I cooked. Teryaki-like burger with cheese. I always see ads on TV and unfortunately I can't have McD's burgers here because they are not halal, so I made it myself. :)

My own version of Teriyaki-burger!
Masalanya the burger was quite big, and I couldn't not eat it without separating top parts and second part. :( I will try with thinner bun next time. 

Usually I don't eat chicken/beef much here because I am too lazy to order it through internet or to go to a halal shop at Shinjuku (well, the nearest halal shop is just a couple of stations away but I'm too lazy to find where's it the exact location), so I usually have salmons or eggs or tofu or shrimps for my proteins. But since summer here is so severe(at least for me and other Japanese here who haven't been to Sahara yet, lol) , people here will have more protein in order to give them more stamina! I know I don't really know about relation between stamina and protein but yeah, people here eat meats to survive summer! Tak puas hati then you can ask a Japanese. ;)
One of their favorite sources of protein is Unagi, or belut, or an eel. Another friend of mine happened to work at a restaurant specialized for serving eel dishes so he asked us to go there.

This is the picture.

Unagi-don or grilled eel with rice
Maybe you will think that "ish geli gellll makan belut????eeeeey tak masuk akal" but hey, kite org melayu makan keli kan? ape beza ikan keli dgn belut, lebih kurang je for me, ikan panjang, licin2 and wane hitam!!hehe
It's a fish, and whatever meat and blood in sea are halal. well, eel is in livers or ponds but whatever, it's a fish so it's halal! And it is quite good, really soft and tasty. All of us had a really good time enjoying a real, good Unagi-don.

Actually I cooked beef curry too, and it was fantasticly yummmmm! I ran out of coconut milk so I use some ordinary powdered milk. Tak sangka jadi sesedap tu fuhhh masuk bakul angkat sendiri betul. ;p but I don't wanto to post it because I realized that my blog is turning into a cooking blog or a blog about foods only.haha Maybe next time if I have no idea to blog.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie review - The Rebound

Exams are finally over and now I'm free from reports and tests!! However I wasn't really "free" during weekend and monday because I had many dinners with my friends and teacher and seniors and I got a meeting with my sisters. On Monday I went to university to settle some works but unfortunately it didn't go well and it was quite disappointing but let's talk about some thing fun!

Today I didn't go outside of my room (oh yes, I did go out to gym actually) and I really love it! I watched some videos on YouTube, looked for a part-time job, took a nap, cleaned my room, and went to gym. I was really shy to ask the trainer there how to use machines but today he came to me and taught me how to use them when I was testing one of the machine. So I will try a new routine after this, at night after tarawih, insyaAllah. :)

I just watched this movie, The Rebound or 理想の彼氏 which I rent from a movie shop near my uni. The story was quite nice, I cried a little bit, and Catherine Zeta Jones ( is this correct??) was soooooo gorgeous I wish I will age gracefully like her. I like the hero's character in the story because he was pure, ikhlas, loving, good with kids, never ashamed of his elder gf even his friend kept make fun about it, has a degree from famous university, and a little bit nerdy and not crazy like boys in his age. I like good boys (ok, boy) who never do stupid thing just to make them look "cool". I can say that Aram is my type, and it would be perfect if he was more elegant and did not say bad words!lol I always have problems with these kind of romantic comedy movies because what I want is just to laugh and cry watching sweet romantic stories but they always have some dirty words and jokes that sometimes make me really uncomfortable! haha I sound like a small girl,lol but no, I am not really used to cursing and dirty words, ;)

So, conclusion, the movie is nice if you want to watch it with your close friends, I'm pretty sure you can have a good time laughing but I would not recommend to watch it with your young sisters or brothers. It's not good for kids, lol.

Aram, or Justin Bartha does not look really good in this one but he is hot in other movies!