Saturday, January 7, 2012

Clay mask

salam, and happy new year!

it's already 2012!!! and don't tell me about crazy end of the world rumors, I not gonna listen to those stories and hey, poor Maya people how long you want them to make calender? they just simply got bored or tired, I

Ok this year's first entry is a review entry on my favorite clay mask for pores. My skin doesn't have much problem like acne or being too oily or too dry, alhamdulilah, but one of my biggest concerns since I was in secondary school is about pores. I have problem about that. I tried to clean my face 2times in a day, do nose strips once a week, scrubbing, warm them with steam, squeeze them with a tool that has small hole to squeeze black heads, go to facial and etc. But still, I have black pores around my nose and it quite hurts when my friends ask me like "eh why you have black dots around your nose?", especially when we were in school, not anymore because now we are grown ups and I think nobody will say such mean things to me. I hope so lah. It's not that I was being lazy and didn't take care of my face, I did, but it just didn't work.

(Sy igt lg masa sy kt SMK, ad sorg kwn sy ni ad bnyk black pores, and sgt bnyk dan agak menonjol bintik2 kt hidung dia tu. Tapi takda sapa sebut pasal tu n sy pun fikir, oh dia pun menghadapi masalah yg sama, so sy pun xckp apa2lah. Tapi satu hari time rehat tgh duduk sembang2 dgn kwn2, tiba2 dia tnya nape sy ad bnyk bintik hitam kt hidung. Sy igt lg dia wat muka jijik n tgk closely kt muka sy n tanya tak basuh muka betul2 ke? Mmg terkejut nape dia wat cmtu n kita sume cm tdiam xtau nk reaksi cmne.. hihi cite sedih time dulu2..)

But now I am not that poor tiny teenager anymore and I can try many products in markets!

I already tried blive products, but I think it's quite pricey and I couldn't consistently because rasa rugi kalau guna banyak2 and I just used them once a while.

When I went to Korea in September, ofcourse I looked for products can help my problem kan, and I did some survey on beauty magazines and blogs about Korean cosmetics and I found this:

innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
This is a clay mask from Innisfree, a Korean brand that has natural, organic, herbs things, and I usually don't like such brands, I don't really understand organic things because I like products that I can see it's result, and as a student I can't afford pricey goods. I bought this clay mask and a cream foundation from same line, Jeju Volcanic series because I saw them on magazines without putting any high expectation, but I totally love them and I think they are the top 3 of my favorite Korean brand goods!

It has a really smooth texture, without weird herbal smell or anything, and it just glide smoothly on your face and you don't need much for one time use. Products for closing pores are usually really drying and sometime they give you that tight feeling after you use them but surprisingly, this clay mask won't make your skin feel dry or tight. My skin is definitely becomes softer and brighter after I used this. I really like to see my face after I wash the clay out, my cheeks look blushed and my face is radiant<2 hehe prasan.

The price is really affordable, 12,000won, or around RM32 or 8euro. Murah kan? I reaaaaaly recommend ladies who love skin care products and makeups like me to go shopping in Korea because they have many good brands with affordable prices.

I will upload other Korean makeups too soon, insyaAllah.

Thanks for reading<3

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