Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making Nabe ~Hot Pot~

haha sebenarnya dah lama gila I buat Nabe dengan kawan2 Jepun, tapi saje je nak wat satu entry jugak. Actually it was my first time to make a Nabe myself with my friends. Nabe is a popular dish served during winter because it is easy to prepare, can eat a lot of vegs, and can make your body warm! Nabe means "pot" in Japanese. Senang cite, you can make a Nabe by pouring cut vegs, some protein like lean meat, or fish slices, fish cakes or tofu, or everything! into your favourite soup. This time I tried Kimchi flavoured nabe. We bought a packet of soup, then threw almost everything that we love! If you cannot get soup yang dah siap2 atau tak dapat cari soup2 yg halal, you can make it yourself by simple steps!

This is how to make a kimchi nabe:
You only need kimchi, sesame oil, water, a cube of chicken stock for flavour if you want, vegetables (cabbage is really nice to make a nabe), tofu and any protein I mentioned above.

I used seafoods, tofu, cabbage, eggs and mushrooms, to my kimchi nabe.

1. Put some sesami oil, then kimchi into apot. Stir them until they are warm. Macam tumis sikit la, tapi you have to put kimchi a lot, so it's not like making sambals. lol

2. Pour water into the pot. You can use some seasoning or chicken cube/stock to add some flavour. I added a small amount of soya paste and kocchujan(korean chili paste that I don't know how to spell it) this time.

3. Cook hard vegetables and proteins.

I love muchrooms!

It's not cooked yet, but nabe is nice prepared it together with your family or friends. ^^

4. When the soup is boiling, slow down the heat, and throw tofu or onion or other vegetables. You can add eggs too!

This is how it looks. You can topup soup, kimchi or other ingredient while you eat it. Just add anything you like. It's fun!

The last part is kind of important too. When you finish eating all or almost all ingredient in your nabe, you can add some rice into it to make porridge! Some people add noodles like udon, and I think you can add beehun or mee kuning if you like.

Nabe has a lot of variation, like curry flavour, soya milk flavour, tomato flavour and so on. So just try it who knows you can find a great new taste for nabe? ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My skin care routine

Ok, hari ni nak post banyak sikit sebab dah bape hari ntah tak update2. For this entry, I want to write something about my skin care products. After and during my spring break, my skin become quite sensitive and not smooth as usual (ala selalu pun bukan smooth sangat pun!, I mean if I compare to my skin's usual condition, it got worse), maybe due to late night CSI series and blogging, and I didn't take care of it as much as when I'm living by myself. I ate a lot of oily, junk, unhealthy yummy foods, and didn't remove makeups throughly because I didn't bring back proper cleanser. Memang horror gila la kulit time cuti and lepas balik tu. For these days, I was searching what can I do to repair my poor skin. I noticed that my dry patchy skin will be less patchy if I give more moiture instead of pulling the dead skin off using mask.

So, this is what I am using for cleansing my face:

Well, because it is a kind of mud, and it is mud, I thought it7s function is like absorbing excessive oils and make skin look matt, aka drying. But this mud is not. It's really moisturizing that you will doubt is it true that it is mud because it's like a cream, makes your skin sooooo soft and nice!

Tapi agak leceh nak guna benda ni as pencuci muka sebab you have to put some water and wait until it's soft first. Take only 2 to 3 pieces and put them to a small container, put enough water to make them soft, but not too much because it will be difficult to apple to face when too soft. Tak payah nak gosok2 or sental2, cukup sekadar buat pusingan secara lembut je. Leave for 1min, then rinse. You will be surprised how soft your skin is. InsyaAllah, ;)

I read on internet that gassoule is actually has been used in Morocco from long long time ago just like soaps. People use it to wash face, hair and body. I use it to clean my U zone and my body but not brave enough to use it as shampoo! I pernah kena botak sebab main pasir and pasir masuk dalam celah2 rambut and jadi gatal2 n kudis. Walaupun masa tu saya sangat la kecik and tak ingat pasal tu, tapi still cuak nak tuang lumpur kt rambut! hehe. Tapi ghasoule ni memang bes la. Cam tak caye je ia adalah tanah liat. Macam losyen jek.

And beside of dry sensitive skin, I have another problem since I was much younger. The blackheads and whiteheads. I hate them. Super hate them. Especially the black one. Nak jadikan cerita la kan, my mom bought me this amazing set to fight this!

This set includes a cleanser, tinted moisturizer and the famous blackheads sebum gel!
bliv by Cellnique, it was quite pricy a little bit for a student like me, but it is worth the price because this set is not that small, even though it's written there "travel size". I have been using this for 5days, and I can say that it reduce blackheads a little bit. Want to wait more 9days to see the result!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Today is my second last day here. I am going back to my uni tomorrow night..sob sob.:'( I enjoyed this holiday because my mom and dad spoiled me soooooo much!hoho Poor my other siblings, they had to listened to me like.

One thing about "Cuti'cuti Malaysia"(it means holiday/vacances in Malaysia), I remember when I was in Frankfurt, Germany, an airport staff there asked where am I from. I replied, Malaysia and he said "oh, Malaysia Truly Asia, right?". I was really happy and surprised and the same time because there were somebody knows about my tiny little beloved country, far far away from German. FYI(ye la sape yg bukan rakyat msia la) Malaysia Truly Asia is a slogan made by our government to promote our country.  Oh he made me have a good impression to German people. I should visit there someday, not just for transit. By the way, Lufthansa Airline is so nice! They have an USB under arm rest so you can charge your iPhone in the airplaine. Ok now I want to make you want to come to Malaysia!

Roti Boy or mexican coffe bun. But it doesn't taste like coffee. It has melted butter inside with yummy sweet smell! I had this while waiting for my mum to pick me up at Putrajaya. 
Kuala Lumpur at night
 See the colour of light!it changes.beautiful isn't it?

from red

to blue

and green! and more but I don't want to make you bored with same pic. :p

This is our national flower, hibiscus!

I love Malaysia's weather. MasyaAllah.

In a market. We have plenty of yummy cheap tropical fruits.

Roti Canai, a thin crispy pastry-like dish. I don't know how to explain it. :( But it's really famous here.

Fried-rice in omelette.

Mee goreng or fried noodle.

Bamboo tree. At Putrajaya.


I just love to take picture of flower and plants.
I saw a rainbow on my first day here. SubhanaAllah, it's so pretty!

my little cousin. I will miss her for sure. :(

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ireland and UK part2

At Blarney Castle. Ni menara tinjau kot.
 This is second part of my vacation entry. Tak tau la part mane baru habis sebab gambar memang banyak.hehe

Blarney House. Like in fairy tale<3


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More of Blarney Castle
I took many photos in Blarney Castle because it was soooo like in fairy tale! (ok, this is my first time in a castle ok, don't laugh at me. If you came to Japan n see all those temples and castles and gyaru here, you also will do the same thing. First time, kate Kalau kita baca buku-buku atau tengok cerita orang putih, lagi-lagi jenis Disney tu, memang kita tak leh bayang macam mane la boleh ada castle la, padang luas la, bunga2 di tepi sungai la, charming prince dgn kuda putih la, tapi kt sini, benda tu mcm boleh wujud! Suasana die mcm betul2 dalam cerita dongeng(is this how to spell it? idk). Tu la rase terpegun. Memang dorg ni hidup dalam budaya dan sejarah yang berbeza dengan kita. Dan ciptaan Allah memang hebat. Hati rasa terkejut dan kagum tengok suasana yang tiada di Malaysia. Rasa nak nangis tengok kecantikan tempat ni. Ish touching plak, hehe.

When I was in Ireland, I found quite many Malaysian-like words. Macam bahasa Melayu. One day, my friend and I was looking for a university. Jalan je la ikur pemuda-pemuda yang nampak macam students, so we just followed them hoping that they are going to the university too. On the way, we found a house that written, "slamat tingal", or in correct spelling, selamat tinggal which means "good bye". Unfortunately I didn't take photo of it, so I couldn't show it here. But other than that house, I found "Liana" car (Liyana/Liana is a common girl name here), and a kebab store named "Kebab Mahal" which I put it's photo on last entry.

Near the castle. Nice colour, isn't it?

Kopi Cafe. Coffee is spelled "kopi" in Malaysia.

What if I...? hehe brangan kalau2 study kt sini..

At Trinity College, Dublin. Their universities are huge and beautiful like museum.

On the road in Dublin. I think it's cute!

I loooooove this bun. Chocolat au pain<3

Found this in a exhibition about islam. Really want to meet her!

At a candy shop in Cork. Cute gleee kdai ni, tak sangka kedai gula-gula secomel tu betul2 wujud.
Agak batak kan?hehe takpe la. Kalau pergi tempat orang untuk kali pertama, mesti la macam ni. Seronok apa jadi orang yang mudah tersentuh sebab kita boleh rase nikmat melihat benda yang orang lain tak dapat pun nikmatnya. Bersyukur sangat sebab dapat melihat keindahan bumi ni, yang sebelum ni saya tak dapat bayang pun. Alhamdulillah. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Before I came back to Malaysia, I had a chance to go to Asakusa, an old city in Tokyo and famous for Kaminari-mon (thunder gate). It's quite funny because I live in Tokyo, but after almost 1year living there, I visited Asakusa, a very famous place for visitors. My friends from other places already have been there, maybe because they live outside of Tokyo and didn't waste the chance to once they came here. Tak buat ape pun kat sini, I just walked around, sat in a lonely park, took picture, and bought some souvenirs for my family. I bought Ningyou-yaki, cakes stuffed with sweet red beans with various shapes but I didn't noticed that it contains liquor. :'(

Jalan sorg2 time tu so tak ada sape pon nak amekkan gambar. :(

Meriah, kan? But not too many people there because it was few days after the earthquake.

I love an old town. 

A Jinjya(tokong utk agama Shinto).

There are railways above this.

Tokyo Sky Tree. It's still under construction. It's nice that we can see this from an old town like Asakusa. Macam modern and traditional bertemu. =D

A cute girl gave me a pose. I met her in Asakusa Mosque, where I stayed before I went to Airport. Super cute, isn't she? her other siblings were also sweet.

 I think I should write something little bit about current updates from Japan. Ok, here we go.

 5th April 15:44
Sendai Airport akan mula operasi dalam bulan ni, but not all, beberapa bahagian je. Tu pun belum tentu lagi.

Bilangan mangsa meningkat, jadi 27668 orang.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ireland and UK part1

Finally, I managed to upload photos, which you can see it on "Sakura Season Durian Season". It only takes few minutes to upload picrutes when I upload them through Picasa Web Album first.

Ok tak yah banyak cakap.

Depan Blarney Castle. It was windy a little bit but we really enjoyed the view there.
I went to Ireland, we landed in Dublin, stayed there for few days. Dublin is a nice place, people there are friendly and love to joking, have so many beautiful old building, rivers (or should I call it canals?). It was my first city in Europe, before this I haven't been to there. There I saw the difference of cities is Asia and in Europe. That's why I took a lot of buildings' picture! In Ireland, I went to Cork, then we took a bus to visit Blarney Castle. There is a stone there, people will kiss that stone. I don't know why because I didn't read about that. A taxi diver called us chicken because we didn't kiss that stone, so we asked, have you? He said "I'm from Cork so we don't have to do that". haha I love Irish people!
After that we took flight to Scotland.

This is at Birmingham, I think.

Houses in Dublin. They look small from outside, but it was MUCH larger inside. Sigh, I can't keep comparing to Japan's tiny little house but still I wonder how nice it would be if I live in such house. :( Especially that red door house! Blue one is nice too.

Even abandoned building also look nice! This is in Dublin.

Inside of university's chapel. They do wedding here too!

Kids feed swans.
Peaceful. Berangan nak jogging kt tepi tu tiap2 Sabtu. hehe. tapi hati-hati, banyak "peninggalan" anjing kt jalan sini. :p

One more thing I was surprised by is swans! In Asian countries like in Japan or Malaysia, it is quite hard to see swans. Kalau kt Jepun ada la jugak, but only in national park or protected area. Here, I saw so many swans, I also saw one of them pooing! lol it was disgusting!

At Edinburgh University. *wink2*

So many cashmere products sold here. Kesian sape yg xreti bezakan cashmere, pashmina dgn wool.  Tu macam tak reti bezakan sutera dengan kapas. =,=

I bought cashmere scarves (not in this picture!) in Scotland. Sebelum ni takde benda nak lilit kat leher.

Salt! kt tengah2 jalan university. Don't know why they put salt there but my guess is it is used during winter when road is frozen. Anyone have correct answer?

Kebab Mahal! I couldn't resist to take it's picture because in Malaysian language, "mahal" means expensive, so this shop's name is "Expensive Kebab". haha!

Went to stadium too. Not that excited because none of us were football fan. I like David Beckham only, and not his old team.:p

Pounds notes. Pounds and Euros were larger than RM or Yen. And wider. And more beautiful  design.

This is only part 1