Monday, May 28, 2012

Who's beautiful

Who's beautiful?

Actually, everybody is.

If you think that you are ugly and you want to be beautiful, it starts with believe that you are beautiful and do not let anybody to doubt it including yourself.

Keep your head up, never fade your smile on your lips, no matter what other say nasty things about you.

If you want people to love yourself, you start it from you, you got to love yourself first.

Love yourself means love to do what is good for your body and mind.

Being confident about your body and image doesn't mean that you can stuff yourself with junkfoods all the time. Sometime you have to sacrifice your money and time to give your body what it deserves- healthy meal and enough exercise.

Take a relaxing bath, keep your face clean and radiant, laugh moderately, eat vegetables and fruits, walk by beach, do a stretch before go to sleep, read interesting books, hug your family and friends.

And do you know that by loving yourself, it's actually you are being thankful for Who made you, Allah?

By taking a good care of your body, it means that you are preparing yourself to worship Allah more and be a strong believer. Allah loves strong believer.

So stop complaining about what you don't like about you.

Stop being jealous of others who are born beautiful or became beautiful by their efforts.

Stop saying negative things to other like "She's skinny because genetics", "Oh he is just born smart", "She has radiant complexion because she's naturally fair and uses expensive creams".

Everybody is beautiful, except for negative people.


And see.

You are beautiful!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

happy teachers' day

Salam and hello, people. :)

Today was Teachers' day in my country, so I want to write a little about some of my favourite teachers.

1. Pn. Zaharah
She was my math and science teacher. When I was in junior high, math and science subjects were taught in English. At that time I just returned from Japan to Malaysia so ofcourse I didn't speak English nor proper Malay. She taught me basic things like name for animals and other basic terms in science in Malay and English. She was very kind and supportive towards my brother and me and it really helped me to keep motivated to study from zero. There were many teachers and students talked behind us, there was this one person said "why they came to this school?why not gov school? menyusahkan je" infront of my mom when she came to register us and explained about our condition. My junior high and highschool time was not that easy but alhamdulillah, there were many people who are supportive and one of them is Pn. Zaharah.
Her dishes is also amazingly nice so I love to go to her place during Eid season. :p

2. Another teacher who did a lot for me when I was in thar school is Pn. Ketina. At first I was afraid of her because she looks fierce at that time and because I can't speak any English when I was 12. My mom taught me to read but I hated to so I didn't even know what's the difference of she and he. So can you imagine how hard it was for her to teach my brother and me from a really basic stage like singular and plural, noun and verb, present tense and past tense? She did extra class every Friday in library, and never gave up to teach us. Until now I still have what she taught and I will be very pissed off when someone misuse "your" and "you're". lol!
Many teachers gave us extra classes, like Ustaz Mustaqim who taught Arabic. He was a young man and very passionate teacher, but I'm sorry ustaz, I lost my interest in Arabic because my other teachers in highschool were not as passionate as you and other ustaz ustazah in my junior high. I used to love studying Arabic (still now I'm interested in) but I guess I performed better in junior high because my teachers in junior high showed more attention and love to us. lol I loved being praised by teachers so I studied well, I didn't want to see my beloved teacher sad by seeing my bad result. haha attention seeker,

3. Pn Shazleen
She is also my English and English and Science and Technology but when I was in highschool, yes I also have my favourite teachers even though I didn't have much enjoyed it. :p I went to tagt school for only two years and when I was in form4's final exam, I skipped some of them because I was too lazy!haha I skipped Add Math and English because I hate Add Math so much. I didn't know that result for final exams are used to determine which class are you going to be next year. I was in 2nd class but for next year, I ended up to be in 3rd class. I felt so ashamed and disappointed (sapa suh ponteng exam wehhh haha) and I was always in bad mood when new semester begun. I didn't talk to anybody about my frustration, but one day Pn. Shazleen came to me and say, "Why you look sad this year? Are you not happy? Last year you smile a lot but not anymore, why?"
I was very surprised because I thought I was doing fine and nobody noticed that I wasn't ok deep inside my heart. I said no I don't have any problem but she asked me "are you sad because you are in third class? sedih ea?" and when I heard that, I almost cried because at last there was someone who noticed what I was depressed and at last I could admit that I was very sad because I had to go to 3rd class. Memang la semua org ckp klas kedua ke pertama ke tak penting la, I love my class la, I also pretended to be ok with that, pretended that I didn't mind about that. But to be honestly i wasn't ok! And I felt relieved because finally I could admit that I wasn't ok and there was someone who cared me and noticed my change.

My university teachers/Profs
I have like 25 classes each year so I met quite a lot of lecturers and it would be too long if I list one by one so I gonna make it short:
4: John Mancuso
He taught me Academic Presentation, he is really energetic and a little bit crazy (hehe sorry John!) but I can feel that he is actually a loving, caring person eventhough he doens't sounds like it. He taught me to be strong, to be brave to defend myself when I face mean person, and to enjoy this life fully! And this is first time for me to call my teacher by his name! it's unbelievable in my country.

5: Prof Hayashi
He is my seminar/zemi lecturer, I love his personality, how he speaks, his words are always organized and I never heard any unnecessary word from his mouth! He is a good example of "makin berisi padi, makin tunduk" or more you have knowledge(or more you have power) the more humble you are. He has many titles and a high positions and he is reaaaally humble! I felt so bad watching him collecting comment papers from a big hall all by himself, like he can hire a Teaching Assistant or ask students to bring papers to infront of hall but instead, he collected them one by one. I love listening to his talk because he really has a good speaking skills, it's calming and at the same time really organized and precise.

6: Prof Morimura
I never talked to him personally, I just taking his class but I loooove it! He talks about France in 17th to 18th century and even though I'm not that big fan of that era's history, but the he give lecture is really interesting.

7: Prof Suzuki
I took his politic class last semester: I didn't think for any chance that I would be interested un politics but he change me that, now I take more politic classes! He is also a very organized person, he gave us a complete handouts for each class but leave it blank where it is important. You
might think that it's childish, to fill a blank but hey I enjoy his method! It helps me keep concentrated and at least I will be more aware when he is talking about important points.

8: Greg Dvorak
He is another teacher I call by his name, so I don't know his title. ><
He gave me inspiration to keep writing, like what am I doing right now. *wink* I made many mistakes when I took his writing class, but he never said like "you are wrong because bla bla" but instead of it, he never said that my essay is a bad one or give negative comments. He accepted what ever I wrote, and this make me feel like to write more. He said that you shouldn't stop when you ate writing.

Do you have any favourite teachers? ;)

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I wear hijab

Salam and hello, people. :)

Today I want to write about a quite sensitive issue, but an issue that always on my mind. :) It's about why I wear hijab or head scarves and cover up my body.

What do you think of when people ask you why you wear a hijab and what's benefit of it? if you are a muslimah.

And if you are non-muslim or a brother, why do you think that islam asks their women to cover up their body except for face and hands?

Some of popular answers that I heard since I was a kid is like "to prevent harassment from men"and it is quite a popular belief that wearing a hijab completely can prevent a woman from being harassed or involved in sexual crimes. I would say NO WAY to that beliefs. I will talk about why I think hijab alone cannot prevent us from becoming victims in another post when I have time and mood to write about it because it's gonna long and today I just want to say why I wear my hijab.

My answer is really simple. It's because Allah asked me to do so(here I don't know if the word "ask" is suitable in this context or not, maybe ordered?required?is more suitable), that's the only reason why I wear hijab.

It would be lie if I say that I never wanted to run in beach without my head scarves. It would be a lie if I say that I never felt like want to curl my hair, dress in pretty one piece and walk in a pair of lace sandals. But when I think of how my act will disappoint The Prophet Muhammad alaihi salam when I meet them in world after(if I could), it's not worth to do. It's not worth if I make the best man in world, the man who love his ummah so much and the man who cared about us muslimah until his last breaths, sad. I just can't.

I don't have any reason why I shouldn't obey my God's order. If I wear hijab beause people around me, or because I'm scared of my mom or dad, I would probably take off my scarf here because if I do not say anything, people here do not know that I'm a muslim, they won't tell me to wear my hijab even if they knew. In fact, there's quite many muslims who quit to follow some islam's rules when they are out of their country. But I don't want to do so because it's about me and Allah, one-to-one. It's not that my life will be threaten or my health condition will be bad if I wear hijab. I  do not have any prolem in my hijab.

If you think wearing a hijab can prevent you from becoming a victim of sexual crimes, you have to be careful and rethink about it deeply because from my experience, I got more harassment from muslim men when I'm in my so called "islamic" country Malaysia. Now I'm living in a non-muslim country but so far men here do not stare me like I'm a piece of meat and they do not flirt easily with me. I'm not saying that non-muslim men are better than muslim men when it comes to respect a woman (tapi kalau korang nak terasa, sila la sapa yang makan cili tu ye) but I just want to say that you are not safe even though you are wearing a hijab unless guys do not lower their gaze and respect you as a lady, a woman, a sister.

And I really hate to hear some people say it's women's faults why these day there are so many social problems such as zina, buang anak, keruntuhan akhlak, dan sebagainya. And some people also say that if all women wear hijabs completely and cover their aurah completely, there won't be such problems. Crazy, and really unfair! How could you punish your weak sisters just because you men cannot control yourselves? It's really clear that men are stronger in physical and mental so why men cannot control their nafsu? Are our men are that weak, can't resist to see some girls' body? then lower your gaze! Allah asked us to cover up so why can't you also do your part by lowering your gaze!If you blame girls for social problems, then why dont't each of you take a really good care of your sisters daughters and girl friends? If each of you take care of your family members and do not let them wear seductive clothes or act immodestly, then it won't be any problem, right? Pastu leh plak cakap "sian anak dara tua ni, makin meningkat bilangan anak dara yang tak kahwin, makin banyak masalah social, kesian dorg tak de orang jaga" dan jadikan alasan untuk kahwin lebih, mmg wtf gila ah.

Yes, this is my opinion. Tak puas hati? Terasa? But it's MY opinion and I do not force anybody except my lil sisters to wear hijab, so don't make a fuss about it.

Lastly, as always, thank you for reading<3 sorry if this sounds harsh but I'm being honest. ^^

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salad dinner

Salam and hello, people. :)
I'm currently laying on my bed with dizzy head, I'm a little bit sick right now. :( I've 3classes and 1 zemi to attend but I decided to not to go to the classes and only attend the zemi in afternoon. Seriously I rarely become sick so when I am, it's really tsurai. :'(

Anyway, recently I love to have salds as my dinner, for your information I have really big appetite so I won't be full unless it's saladS or big one. And one of my favourite bowl of salad is avocado and shrimp salad with mayonnaise and thai chili sauce<3 yummm! Avocado is really good for your skin beauty, experts says that you should eat half of it each day if possible.

This salad's recipe is really easy, what you need is an avocado(ripe one), some lettuce, boiled shrimps, mayo and chilli sauce. First you cut the lettuce or tear it by your hands into smaller size that's easy for you to eat, boil shrimps, and cut avocado into cubes. Then put them on a bowl or plate, pour mixture of chilli sauce and mayo. I usually just put them differently because I have to wash extra dish if I mix them together first. lol

Another simple healthy dish I love is Hiyayakko, a cold dish served usually in summer but I love to have that all the time. Hiyayakko is basically a tofu with toppings and some soy sauce or dressing. I love to have my hiyayakko with a lot of wakame (seaweeds) and japanese soy sauce or japanese basil dressing if I want to cut off my salt intake. Other toppings I love is kimchi and boiled bean sprouts namul.

Namul is actually a korean dish, and you can make it using many vegetables but I love bean sprouts one. Recipe of bean sprouts is also easy(meh, my fav recipes are all simple easy one, I'm a busy colledge girl!). First boil bean sprouts in a boiling water about 2min, take them out and drain, put into a container and pour a little bit of sesame oil, japanese soy sauce, and salt or pepper if you want. Leave it in a fridge and mix it well so that bean sprouts soaked into soy sauce evenly. You don't need much of soy sauce, just a little bit and it can give a taste to sprouts. And it would be good if you have thin coantainer because it's easier to give taste evenly. You can have different types of namuls with rice as simple bibimbap too!

I think I should rest again now, my head aches a little bit. I would be happy if these simple recipes help you guys to have a healthy yet simple dishes so tell me if you have question or request. :)

Thanks for reading<3