Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yesterday, I had a lunch date with one of my girl friend. She is a little bit different from me. She is soft, delicate, sensitive to other, has a lot of to concern, rajin, dan segala sifat-sifat sebagai perempuan melayu And it was a little bit surprising for me that she wanted to meet ME, not other girl-ly girl like her to have lunch together but of course am happy for it!

We went to an Italian restaurant which serves fresh pasta, not the ordinary pasta yang boil the hard one. This fresh pasta is fresh, tak keras sblm rebus, lepas uli tu die rebus je trus.

Seafood pasta in Japanese style soup! Breads here is nice too, they bake the bread in side of the restaurant and we can ask for more if we want. Of course we did it! hehe. Recently I eat a lot of breads, maybe can live like orang putih, eat bread everyday instead of eating rice.

Found a cute black(or green?) board too:

Lately, which I mean this last six months, many of my friends come to me to talk about their problem, usually about love. I don't know why because I myself don't have that many experience about love or having relationship. One person is different from other and she has her own view, values, and reaction. It's really pleasant that they trust me enough to tell about their problems and count on me to give them some good advices. What makes me feel useless that I cannot help them much. :( It's really frustrating that your friend comes to you and seeking for some help but you cannot do anything. hmmm.

And now I also have a personal problem. It's not something new but dia muncul kembali baru-baru ni. I hate it. I want my happy life back. :(

Friday, February 18, 2011

lunch at my friend's place

Yesterday, I went one of my sister's place, she invited me to have lunch at there. By the way, she is not my biological sister, I don't have an elder sister, so If I say my sister, it means female seniors or kakak-kakak who also live in here and take care of me sometimes. I have a lot of them, I like to be spoiled and manja!yeay!
This sister's place was not near from my place but I wanted to go because she is so KIND, and my harapan tak dikecewakan, when I was there, I had so many delicious dishes and she treated me so nice.
beautiful, isn't it? It's Kazakh's traditional pattern. While my sister was preparing salad, what I did instead of helping her was walking around in the house and see what was in there. Hehe I know in our malay culture (depends on family and individuals, though), a girl should help the host to prepare and kemas-kemas after eat but I can't help myself because we don't have much chance to come to others house who came from different country, don't we? And I have a great interest in culture difference and international sociology, that's what I plan to study in uni so I should take this as a precious opportunity to study about culture. LOL I have so many excuses!

There was a music instrument too. It sounds really nicer than guitar. I don't know, I don't play guitar. I just say it.:p

The meal.  I love the soup soooooo much! And the rice. And the salad. And the gratin. Everything!

After the meal, we had some cups of Turkish style the, nuts, cakes and strawberries. Yummy<3

She gave me bread and cakes to eat at my home too!

This afternoon, my friend and I had tea together and we ate that cake. She also say that it was delicious.<3
The bread is so addictive, even though it is already 10pm and I should not eat anything at this time but I can't stop cubit-cubit it because it so nice soft and fluffy. :'(

When I kept saying "you're so nice" to my sister (well, I don't have a good vocab memory lol), and guess what she said to me??

she said....

"It's your kindness to see others kind."

waaaaaaaaaa so cool! Saya pun cair dengar akk ni cakap macam tu, memang betul2 respect la kakak ni! 

so boleh la cakap macam tu ea next time kalau ada orang puji kita ni baik. Eh ada ke nak puji kita baik?*tangan ke dada, mata ke atas* ye?:p

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what if???

Just watched a movie. I'm still not 100% ok so I just sit at my room for whole day except for 10min in the morning I went outside to see snow. I got so bored and watched this movie that I recorded randomly (it was on tv).

If you have not watch it yet, go watch it cuz I'm going to spoil it! :p

The movie is about a girl who have memory problem, she will forget everything on the day before, when she wakes up in the morning. Her father and brother is so caring, her father ordered same newspaper as the day she got car accident and let her read it so that she can live like before she had brain damage. This movie makes me think, what if I was that girl? What if one of my family face situation like that? Ya Allah, tak leh nak bayangkan.
However, I didn't like it's super dirty jokes, it's just too much, I think. Oh maybe I'm too
The ending was nice too, I wish I will meet someone who will love me and never give up to make me in love like the guy in the movie. *blush2* but minus the dirty joke parts!lol

Last not but least, I ada jumpa nice words from..... from where ek?I dont remember it, maybe on FB, that:

"instead of praying to things to be easy for us, let's pray that Allah makes us stronger than before"

It's not exactly what I read, but something like that la. I like it so much. It's so positive. Allah give us tests according to our strength. If you are facing great test, it means that you are strong and Allah love you. So let's hope that we can be stronger each day. ;)

my favourite place

Bila dah habis exam ni, mulalah nak kengang-kenang saat-saat desperate time exam tu. Bosan tak ada keje, hehe. In previous (2nd) post, I wrote that I was going to Disney but unfortunately, I couldn't make it because of the flu, so here I am blogging alone in my room with kool fever pad on my forehead:(
Never mind, nak sambung pasal exam ni. Tempat yang biasa saya n kawan-kawan study, bukan kt library atau study hall, tp kt cafe. If my friends and I go to a library, maybe either I will sleep because it's too quiet or we kena halau because you know, we are too loud!huhu 
And once we enter a cafe, buy a cup of coffee and sometimes a slice of cake or choc croissant, we will stay there for hours, or four hours. Memang lama gila la lepak situ. 

ohh I like cafe au lait! it's bubble milk on top!

heavenly combo

Fluffy creamy chou cream or cream puff or kuih kastard or whatever you call it.

In Malaysia, maybe people will go to mamak store to some lepak time with friends, but ntah I tak pernah do that. I go to mamak only to eat, not more than that. Sedihkan?haha. 
Once during (or before?I'm not sure) the exam week, I studied in cafe for almost 10hours. 10hours! And I'm home, my scarf smelled coffee and it was so

Teringat sekali tu, kawan saya W nak bincang something rahsia kt saya, so kita pun punya la sorok-sorok wat janji nk jumpe mane n pukul berapa. Sebab kawan saya tu tak nak kawan-kawan yang lain tahu atau risau. Bila nak pegi tu, terserempak pula dengan kawan lain si A.

A: Hi! nak ke mana tu?
me: oh tak ada apa-apa, nak ke cafe (tmpt tu agak femes dikalangan plajar uni) je.
A: besnye! nak ikut!
me: sorry, ada janji nak jumpa org sebenarnya.
A: (dengan muka cuba nk teka siapa tu) oh ok, have fun!

Lepas tu tiba-tiba W muncul dari belakang kita, n A tanye bnda same nk pergi mana. W pun dengan jujurnya cakap nak jumpa saya. Sian A, dengan muka sedih "la, korg dating ke. nak jugak."
Nasib baik A ada hal len n dia mmg kena pg uni time tu.

Time masuk cafe, n nek tingkat atas tu lg terkejut, sekumpulan kawan-kawan ktorg yang W mmg nak rahsiakan tu ada kt cafe tu!hehe. Tu la salah pilih tmpat, patut pg tempat yang low profile ckit untuk wat perbualan rahsia.

Monday, February 14, 2011

a short trip to hot spring town

Setelah 10hari(oops it's 11days when I upload the draft!) menyebukkan diri dengan exam, akhirnya saya nak update gambar-gambar time pergi trip ke Hakone hari tu!
It was just a short one, 2D1N trip with my friends at uni. We went to a town famous for it's hot spring. Since it was a popular place to tourists, got so many places to visit and take a lot of picture. And what made I love the most is people's kindness! Just imagine if you are living in a place popular to tourist ex: Malacca or Cameroon Highland, you may be irritated or feel annoyed by tourists and their stupid questions like where is the train station?is this bus going to @@@?which bus I should take to go to this museum? etc etc. But people here never make a annoyed face or sombong or what, they showed us how to get to the museum we wanted go with a warm smile!

Ok, I will stop bebel. Banyak gambar ni. :)

ni bunga yg ada kat train station, sangat rasa dialu-alukan.hehe

Cute, isn't it? It's a fish cake actually!

Since Hakone is near a mountain(or is a mountain, idk), we took so many cable cars as transportation. But I kinda not comfortable with it cuz it was sooo packed and we as kind young generation should give the seat to Dan rasa pening bila naik lama2 sebab jalan bukit.uweek

Living room of the hotel we stayed. They had welcome cookies(or cakes?idk, it was kuih for sure.) and tea too!

ni pandangan dari rope way. ala yg gondola tgantung tu. bleh nampak asap2 keluar dr bukit. bau macam telur rebus! 

here it is, Black Boiled Egg. kulit dia warna hitam disebabkan tindak balas kimia yang blaku antara air hot spring dgn kulit telur tu. The taste?just like normal hard boiled egg, but it was nice eaten with a little bit of salt.

lps turun bukit tu tiba2 ad lake and a big pirate ship!

kene naik kapal untuk menyeberangi tasik ni. 

Just in case.:p

It was snowing too!

Ingat nak duduk jap tunggu bas, but it was wet due to the snow.

Ha! Tu dia bas yang sy naik untuk pg museum. Classic and cute, isn't it?

Dalam bas pun comel, got windows at ceilings and can see the snow, sky and trees.

Again, just in case.:p

It's the museum. Lot of Venetian glasses and masks. A lovely place to come with your beloved ones. Tapi tak yah kot kalau nak bwk anak2 comel2 hingus2 tu sbb nanti tak de mood nak jiwang2.hehe


Got a small river too, ada itik warna hijau dan itik warna purple lagi.

Had tea time here, yummy limited dessert. So nice and cute<3

Chiffon cake. 
Everything was so romantic and elegant here.

Kan bes kalau dapat datang bawak mak dengan ayah ke. Pastu ktorg adik beradik dari jauh sengih2 tengok dorg romantic. haha

Love it!

Just a lamp. But it was beautiful so I just couldn't resist to take some pic.hoho

Venetian mask.

So tired after visiting another museum after that. Sambil tunggu bas nak balik station tu jalan-jalan kaki ayam kt situ. Gila!hehe

Thursday, February 3, 2011

personality test

Semelam setelah penat mentelaah pelajaran(lol), saya main game personality test dekat fon saya ni. Dan itulah keputusannya. Betul atau tidak, hmm bnyk jugak kot yang betul. Saya suka sederhana, tak passive atau pun terlalu agresif. Kalau orang usik saya, biasanya saya cuma senyum je tapi kalau dah lebih-lebih, memang meletup. Saya suka benda cantik-cantik, tapi kalau ia boleh mendatangkan perhatian dari pihak yang tidak diinginkan, memang saya teragak-agak la nak memakainya. Saya suka berangan, "kalaulah aku ada duit, mesti aku buat itu, ini" tapi bila dah ada duit pun, rasa macam segan nak belanja sakan. Ada jugak menikmati syurga duniawi, tapi tak suka sangat kalau ia melampau.

Bila difikirkan kembali, saya ni tidak ada apa-apa yang istimewa. Macam contohnya kalau kita nak describe orang, kita akan cakap dia ni bijak, sabar, kuat usaha, ceria, pemalu, suka bergurau, pemarah, tenang dan lain-lain kan? Tapi saya tak tahu saya ni orang yang macam mana. Sebab saya ni berubah-ubah ikut keadaan. Nak cakap tak kuat pendirian, saya ada jugak values2 yang saya memang jaga dalam hati saya. Kalau orang mempertikaikan, memang saya akan mempertahankannya habis-habisan. Pasal Nabi, dan derita saudara-saudara islam saya. Dua perkara ni memang nahas la siapa yang usik depan saya, walaupun dia kawan saya yang nak bergurau senda. Terkeluarlah kata-kata bisa dari mulut saya, kalau perkara tu berlaku. huhu

Bila saya semakin dewasa, saya rasa apa yang tetap constant di dalam saya ini adalah perasaan belas kasihan. Saya mudah rasa kasihan, rasa sayang (eh macam lagu tu la pulak) kt orang lain. Dekat anjing kecil pun saya rasa kasihan, dekat makcik tua yang jaga kaunter pun saya kesian. Lepas tu balik umah nangis teringat kt macam-macam. Tengok movie memang selalu la nangis kat part yang orang lain tak nangis lagi. Tengok filem kung fu cina Yap Man pun nangis-nangis. Sebab apa? Kesian orang-orang dalam tu kena pukul!LOL  Dah name pun action, mestila ad scene tumbuk-tumbuk kan? Ntah tapi saya terlebih emosi bayangkan apakah perasaan mereka dipukul.
Tengok cerita Curious Case of Benjamin Button, baru mula 5min dah nangis sebab baby tu lahir dalam keadaan nazak(huh? tak tau nk cakap camne, sapa yang tengok tu tahu la).

Mungkin hati yang mudah tersentuh ni merupakan kelemahan bagi orang lain. Tetapi saya tak fikir macam tu. Walaupun orang lain pijak kepala saya, dengan adanya hati ini, insyaAllah saya akan berfikir banyak kali untuk balas balik kat dorang tu. Biar orang lain buat kita, tapi kita boleh doakan mereka untuk tak buat perkara yang sama untuk orang lain pulak. Cukuplah kita yang merasa sakit itu.

Mengarut, ek?huhu. Memangla, sabar ada batas jugak, tak semestinya saya senyum memanjang je.hoho

Esok ada 1 paper terakhir iaitu French dan satu oral exam. > <

View from my uni's window. Where I perform solat.:)

a giraffe eating steak

Today, after Arab exam (like usual, I made TONS of stupid careless mistakes), I went to a Japanese restaurant with my friends. The restaurant is quite famous among my uni's students, seems like I'm the only who never been there before this!
Actually I planned to have lunch at my place, try new recipe for mee rebus (yummmy!) but I just couldn't say no to my friends' suggestion to eat at that restaurant so I'm like "ok, let's try their famous don-dish" and decided to postpone my mee rebus plan to tomorrow.

*don is a dish, which they put tempuras or sashimi or anything good to be eaten with rice, on rice in a bowl. If you put nasi lemak in a bowl, put some sambal, cucumber and half-boiled egg, also is called a don. Mau try?hoho

The place was nice, I wouldn't say that is a romantic place to have dinner at your date, but to have some japanese traditional foods with your friends without the noise and smoke, it's really nice.
Rasa macam sangat tenang, macam back to 80-an walaupun saya tak pernah berada di zaman tu. lol
And the waiters are so cute! They wore cute aprons like your little sister wearing in house, not like those maid costumes in Akihabara. So I sound like a pedophile here. NO! I'm not!!lololol

After staring at the menu list for about 10 min, I ordered seafood don, which is......a lot of kepingan raw fish on rice.

Bad picture quality, it is from my iPhone..><
Ad salmon, sotong, ikan ape tah, ikan ape tah 2, sotong kecik, dan telur dadar guling-guling.
On top is shiso leaves, wasabi paste in sliced tomato. lawa!

it comes with a bowl of miso soup.

Apa rasenye??
hmmm tengokla title entry ni. takleh nk describe its taste.haha