Monday, December 12, 2011

Autumn Picnic

Ok, one grey entry is enough. I should do more happy entries!

I went to a park near my place in early October, when it was the beginning of autumn season. I totally forget to make an entry about it after uploaded some photos on my FB.

It's Kunitachi Showa Memorial Park, a very large park.

Happy family

People play, sit, and just enjoy their weekend in autumn.
 I took many photos of families because I love watching happy family, seeing a mother/father or both walking and playing with their children make me smile and say "awww" especially when I see a father carrying his little I like men who are good with kids, who can spend their holiday for their family. Kadang-kadang saya fikir, si ayah ni bawak anak dia jalan-jalan ni mesti sebab nak bagi si ibu berehat kt rumah. I wish I will have such happy family too, I want my husband to take our children to parks while I go to spa and so my facial treatment. :p

This is Susuki, we use this plants quite often for autumn's ikebana.

It was not that cold, so flowers were still bright and genki.
 After working about 15min, finally we got our picnic spot under Kinmokusei tree. I looooove this tree because its flowers smell really nice, like yellow peach in syrup in can! Do you know how it smells? The fragrance is quite strong, you can smell it when you are near about 5m from the tree, and when the flowers bloom, it's a sign that autumn has already come. ;)

Kinmokusei. It's flowers are little and in orange colour.

 I was looking forward for this picnic because I bought picnic items since spring but I didn't have chance to do it! Look at my basket, mini bowls, spoon and fork set, aren't they cute?hehe

Our lunch

me. never mind.

We had a really healthy lunch: fried noodles, boiled broccoli and cherry tomatoes, sweet potato salad, peaches and bananas.
 After had lunch, we played with bubbles. It was soooo fun because small kids came near us when they saw the bubbles and I love kids!

I look so serious. haha!
 We had a really good time, the weather was perfect, not too cold or hot, just warm and a bit breezy. We watched people playing flying disks, baseball, and hide and seek!

Kinmokusei tree when looked up.

my hand cream<3



It's already 12th of December and new year is just around the corner! Weather is getting colder and colder each day, makes me hard to sleep in night. ><

I've been quite busy recently with my club activities, part time job, and mid term essays so I didn't have much time to take good photos to share with you guys. Actually, I am sad lately because I cannot take beautiful photos, when I just bought my semi DSLR, I was really into photography because what I took look fabulous in screen. But not now. Maybe I am getting used to my camera's quality or just because my photography skill doesn't improve since last year, I rarely excited seeing my photos. And when I see other people's fantastic photos, ofcourse I am amazed but at the same time, I fell really sad. What can't I take photos like them? :'(

Is it because they use DSLR and mine is just mirror less one?
Is it because I can't edit my photos in computer?

I think I just don't have the talent. It is so sad because I have nothing, nothing that I can be proud of my self. Other people can sing, draw, write good essay, take amazing photos, have thousands of fans on his/her blog or twitter, but me? :'( Nothing.

I like a lot of things. I like to study foreign languages, to travel abroad, to cook, to bake, doing make ups, and many more. But I am not good in all of them, other people do better than me.

There's only one thing that I have and no one can beat me, that is my Japanese speaking skills. But still if I was compared with native Japanese speaker, I am not that good. And speaking Japanese is not something special, everybody speak it here.

So for a conclusion, I don't have anything special. :'(