About me

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I'm Rashka, the author of this blog.

Chouchou means favourite, dear, apple of eye and etc in French. So I'm here to share all my little favorite things in my life that make me happy every time I see them. So this blog would be like my jewelry box or any box that you put anything you like so that your little sis don't steal it from you!lol

I am still a student, studying in social science faculty. I love culture, history, and architecture but not really sure what will be my major though. Study is not that hard for now, it just need time and concentration so I want to do something else beside study in class, that's why I really love to do something that not related to class room's study. It's really funny that some people think books and diplomas will lighten and make their lives easier but no, I don't thinks so. I love reading books and I admit that books can give us tons of informations and entertainment. However, it won't guarantee your bright future, if you want to success in this life, you have to be good at socializing and communicating with other people. And the most important thing is your relation with your God, because Allah will decide everything. Hablu minallah, hablu minannas. Relation with Allah and relation with people. That's my motto.;)

I love beautiful pictures, foods, make-ups, fashion a little bit, and flowers. So this blog wil be full of them! Since I'm not a good english speaker, so maybe you can find a tons of mistakes but please just laugh and ignore it, haha. I love my language, Bahasa Malaysia too, if I couldn't think any suitable word to express my thought, I use it. Sebab Bahasa Melayu mmg bes!hehe

And, I love making friends too. Please enjoy reading my blog<3 I will be happy and excited if you leave comments!

I'm not a perfect person. Everyday I try to be a better one but sometimes I fail and maybe I make a wrong decision. Don't expect me to be your idol, nor put high expectation. I'm not an angel, I'm not an ustazah. If you feel disappointed by my act, please send me private emails or talk to me directly. Commenting sarcastic mean comments on my blog like a silly teenager won't be a good choice to advice me.

This is me. Messy, am i?:p