Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Japanese Hot Spring

This is second part of my Odaiba visit, we went to a theme park where you can experience old good days in Japan, wear yukata you like and have spa massages. 

This is the entrance. I was soooo excited from the moment I saw it because it was soooo Japan!wooohooo!

 This cute? creepy? doll welcomed us at entrance.
His mouth can move!
We took off our shoes there, paid for entrance fee..

and chose a yukata we like. Mine was no.9 with mustard obi(belt)! I thought pink one was the nicest but actually 7 was nice too. They have different sizes and I was s size because I am short. :(

Then we entered changing room for women.

It's written "female".
Don't know how to wear? Don't worry, it is written here how to wear yukata. :)

First of all, we went to take foot bath, it is in out side so we decided to have fish massage as well. It was soo painful because we had to walk on small stones and pebbles and the fish massage was quite exciting, we couldn't stop laughing watching fishes, they really liked one of us and dia je dapat ikan banyak gila. Then we enjoyed stone bath, it's a low temperature sauna and people lie on small crystal for 30min to 1hour. It was ladies day so we chose 1hour session but man, I sweat A LOT and got really tired so I gave up after 45min. I slept a little bit inside the sauna but when I woke up, my body and face were all wet, I got scared I sweat too much and die because of dehydration!lol

Then we walked around the theme park. Inside was like in Japan's traditional festival or omatsuri, have food and toys like in Syowa era.

There is a tower and river inside.

And a dog(not real one), barking so cutely<3

A mother and child having shaved ice. :)

Feel so nostalgic even though I was born in

There were many games like in festival.

I saw this food for first time, lightly pickled cucumber, I think. It's so interesting! a cucumber!

Some Japanese sweets and snacks
Then we went to food court to have dinner

I had Tenpura with rice!

Isn't it cute??

The chairs are also Japanese style! how cool! It has tatami surface, not just normal cushion.

I really like the place, maybe I will bring my other friends next time. Rasa sangant best sebab dapat rasa macam pegi kat zaman dulu-dulu.


  1. omg! this looks super incredible! mcm best je, especially kne pakai the baju ;p

  2. kan2? the best part is you can choose which yukata you want and pair it up with any colour of belt you want! dah la dlm tu btul2 mcm zmn dulu2..

  3. salam...ko ni sarah yg aku knal mse bljr kt hiroshima dlu kan?

  4. ni aku la...ihsan, igt x?

  5. cam laaaa....naqib kt mane skang? aku nk jmpe die la.ko rajin2 la bukak fb