Friday, September 23, 2011

Odaiba day

salam, my dear friends who visit my unpopular blog. :)

I already got my new camera, alhamdulillah, it is still Panasonic Lumix but this time I chose GF2 because I really loved my previous GF1 camera. Though I don't really understand how to use its touch-screen focus yet. :p

Yesterday I went to Odaiba, with my friends. We went to Fuji TV station. The building has a sphere in it, and tourists like us can go there (pay 500yen) to watch view from there.

Fuji TV's building. Can you see the sphere?

Escalator to until 7th floor.
From 7th floor is free, anyone can go there. From 7, we went to 25th floor by escalator. It was quite scary because it is really high, 123.45m from ground!

Squid tomato pasta

Red tower in middle is the Tokyo Tower. They are building a new one, Sky Tree.

That tall tower in right hand side is that Sky Tree. or Sky Tower, meh I'm not really sure. :p

Autographs of soccer players from area affected by 3.11

Model house for anime "Sazae-san"

We had a good time chatting and updating our current "stories" *wink2*, then we went to a hot spring theme park near there. Gosh, it was really F U N!

I will upload photos more later, because I have to pack my things for my Korea trip. The trip is from 26th but I have to pack earlier because I'll work as assistant for TIBC(Tokyo International Bellydance Competition) 2011 on this saturday. woohoo I have been wanted to go to that competition since last year<3

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Many things happened in my first half of summer break in Malaysia. Our house was broken in and my cash and camera was stolen. I almost lose my hand phone. And today, my grandpa just passed away. He was such a nice guy, generous and he never complained about what he couldn't have. I just met him a few days ago in Eid's morning. I don't know how to express my feeling because he looked really fine on 30 August. He stopped smoking recently, and never had a serious illness before that. But we never know how Allah fixed our fates. My grandpa passed away.

What I can do now is to recite al-Fatihah for him, and pray for him. May Allah puts his soul among souls of muslimin, and mu'minin.