Tuesday, July 19, 2011

white dress

Another summer look that I got during the sale. I told already that I bought mane white pieces and this maxi dress is one of them. It's lacey and a little bit girly, what I like about this maxi is because it is white, it can match any color of scarves that I have so I just grab any scarf and go in my lazy day! Denim shirt is really useful too, it gives me a handy cover for my arms ant it's not that thick. I like to tie it to draw attention to my upper body, gives me look like a little bit taller. lol Poor vertically challenged people ;like me!
And the orange flowery scarf is one of my favourite scarf, I bough it in Damansara and it was quite pricy for me at that time, RM45 I think. And shop owner was sombong and didn't give a good service but still I bought it because from first sight, I knew that this is a scarf that I HAVE to buy. LOL Because of the length, I had some problem to wear it at first but not anymore. Now I love long shawls to hide my neck and chest area, plus now volume style is so in! I super hate the thin short ciffon shawls that were popular one time, ala yang leh beli kt pasar malam dgn harga 10ringgit tu. You know what, that type of shawl's cost is only around 2 or 3 ringgit, then they sell it  to you for 10 to 15ringgit padahal tak membantupun untuk tutup aurat secara elok.
Now I dah tobat da, I am now interested in more lengthy hijab, more than 50cm width and 150cm length.

Better to be choosy than regret it later, right? ;)
lagi pun kalau dah beli, mesti rase sayang kalau tak pakai walaupun leh ternampak leher dan sebagainya...membazir!kate kan..(cis padahal apa guna kalau niat pakai utk tutup aurat tapi sbb syg kt duit rm10 tu habis nmpk aurat..)

salmon n kebab

It's summer already and really hot here, sometimes it can over 32 celsius degree here. So lately I didn't cook proper meal much. However, I had a guest this sunday so I cooked to serve my guest.

(from left clockwise) kebab, steamed sweet cones, tomyam flavor spicy soup, and steamed salmon with a lot of vegs!
I tried to boil the cones according to a recipe I found on internet, it said that cones will taste sweeter if you do not peel it completely. But if you want to grill it during BBQ, you should remove the hair to avoid from burnt. I put little water it it turned out to be steamed cones, not boiled.lol

Kebab is bought in Shinjuku, this is my first time, it costed 350yen which is quite cheap, and it tasted good for me. How I wish they have halal kebab near my town. :(

I put potato in steamed salmon because i thought it will be a good combination since potato goes nice with butter and since there's no carb so it can help to fill my stomach but I couldn't finish the potatoes so I end up put them back in left over of the soup. I ate it as my dinner!

As a conclusion, I love kebab.

summer style

rase cm pakcik kt france yg pegi berkebun lak.hehe Skirt and shirt are the ones that I bought during summer sale. I love the skirt because it can be worn as one piece with or without straps. The shirt is quite over sized, so I can tie it in front to prevent too saggy look. I can wear it with skinny pants because it cover my curve, which is good for a hijabi. :)
I feel so nerdy when I wear bawal tudung, because now I got used to wear shawls in my daily life, Tapi rase bes pulak ad bntuk kt dahi tu sbb rasa cm ayu je, budak baik.hehe

Monday, July 4, 2011

Futsal Day

We had Futsal Day today. Of course I didn't play!lol I go to many places but I don't participate anything.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Takoyaki and Ice Cream party

yes, you can make them at home :)
Yesterday my friends ajak me to throw a mini takoyaki and ice cream party. Why mini party? because it was only 3 of us!lol but it was fun, chatting with the girls.

Recently, I've been so busy with assignment and my club's activity. There is a big event next sunday and I'm one of the AJK for it so I have to work very hard. I think I've been in stress and a little bit depressed from the work. There are many works and paper to be done, and some of my friends in club are not that supportive so we only 5 of us AJK have to sacrifice our time to work. Evey week we have 3 meeting! Bukannya kita takde keje, kita ajk pun student jugak ada test dan assigment jgak tp time wat kerja ramai yg cabut lari kata busy. Padahal time makan-makan la party mabuk la yg pemalas tu la yg plg kecoh and cakap die syg kelab ni. Mmmg tak guna betul *emo*

So it was fun to be with someone who are not the member of club and talk something that are not related to the club sometimes. I felt like I'm a freshman again, no worry no tension just had fun talking and laughing.

what I found in Suidoubash

It says "don't throw away fish bones here"

Hijiri Bridge

 This is the place that I like the most in Tokyo. It's amazing that there is a such beautiful place in center of Tokyo. I didn't put watermark on photos so that you can enjoy them sepenuhbya. :)

Summer Sale

Yesterday was such a joyful day for me. Although I had an Italian class at 10am, but it was fun and the teacher praised my hijab like usual *ehem* and I did a nice shopping!

It's already summer here in Japan, and you should know that summer in Japan is soooooooo torturing! I mean, I am form Malaysia, a tropical country and it's hot and humid throughout the year but it's even hotter and more humid in Japan! You will sweating like a glass with ice inside (no I don't want to mentioned that animal's name in my blog, lol) eventhough you are just standing there! If it's raining in Malaysia, the temperature will drop a little bit and we can enjoy a nice short nap in a rainy afternoon. But here, jangan harap la..tetap panas like in a sauna.. :'(

So I decided to go buy things that I will need to survive this summer. I bought cooling gel, cooling spray, blanket with towel-like fabric, white shirt and dresses. Why white? So that people around me do not ask me whether I'm hot or not. Oh please I SUPER HATE that question. It's summer, and summer is hot! It's not that because I wear hijab and clothes that cover all of my body, I'm the only one who will sweat and feel hot. Everybody is hot ok! perghh panass hati.hehe

Then I went to my nearest station's shopping complex. Actually I wanted to buy salt and blackpepper with mills. Nak rasa hebat ckit la time masak-masak nanti padah masak sume simple je. hehe Unfortunately they were sold out already so I just had a free coffee and bought prunes and spaghetti there.

like these. with mills. picture from google
Time frust tak dapat beli garam dgn pepper, I strolled around the building and did some window shopping. I saw a shop, Earth Music & Ecology with time-sale signs. I walked in to see some one-piece. At first I only wanted to buy one skirt, but when they told me the price, it was 50% off from price in price tag and plus 10% off from that!! So I macma orang dah kena pukau, pusing2 kedai tu and at last I spent about 17000yen for 6 pieces! memang langsung lari bajet but I like it<3

from google

Hasil pertarungan 
I bought 2 skirts, a maxi dress, a blouse, a denim jacket, and a denim pants. That is from that shop. Kt kedai lain, beli jugak some pieces.hehe

So I am soooo happy noe because I have many clothes to wear this summer and it's all (almost) from brand that I like. I hope I can wear like a faithful muslimah with a touch of modern fashion. insyaAllah. Heat and pressure from peers can't make me to loose my faith. :)

Let's enjoy summer!!!

new malaysian dish

Macaroni Bandung
hari tu, I was soooo hungry and can't cook a proper dish. So I looked for a perencah or prepared spices to cook some food and I found instant soup for Mee bandung. Unfortunately, I was too hungry to go to shop and buy noodle (mee) so I just boiled some macaroni and poured them into bandung soup with spinach and egg.

the taste? it was nice, surprisingly!

Speech Contest

Salam and hi guys! I've been REALLY hectic last week (and this week and next week)  and viewers for this blog become less and less. :( Ntah bila la nak tambah kenalan kt blog world ni, jarang tengok blog orang lain so orang pun tak datang blog sy.hehe

last Sunday, I had a speech contest that held by club I joined in my university. Of course, I wasn't the one who gave speech, I'm too shy to speak in front of people. :p I went there to help my seniors and friends. There is one senior of mine, who really works hard and help us a lot even though it's not his responsibility. He is the chief for this contest so I didn't mind to come though I was so busy with Spanish test, presentation and report to send on next Monday. Siapa tak nak tolong orang baik kan? Dah dia berbudi dengan kita, kita kenalah balas jasa dia. :p

It was fun, actually. We wore formal attires and it was like we are pretending to be salarymen and OLs! I can't imagine my friends and me will grow up to adults, in 2 years and wear suits everywear to work. It's just funny. Like we were doing cosplay together.

I don't have a proper jacket for a formal event, I don't want to wear JPA suits ever again!(which I already sent back to my home) I don't have a formal-looking shoes to wear too so I just took my suede high heels. lol I should do shopping for a complete formal look. So I wore a jacket, white shirt, stripe slacks, and satin scarf that I got from my mom.

Do I look like a working lady? :p
I like silk square scarf, it makes me feel like (or make me berangan ) I look like an Iranian lady. It looks classic, formal, and sophisticated. My Japanese friends like it too, they said that I look different from other days!

Cam-whoring before the contest
It was a good day because organizers for the contest gave us who were helping, a burger (I got vegetable rice burger, yummy!) and drinks for lunch. I also got a green tea shake, which was amazingly fantastic!!!! I will go Mos again definitely and post the picture of it. You will be drooling! hehe