Sunday, November 20, 2011

a man and a baby in masjid

This picture is from web, it's not mine!
Saw a men who was rushing to join jemaah prayer in masjid. He stopped by a baby crawling on floor behind the jemaah. Then he ran to get some tissue and wiped the baby's mouth (you know, babies always throw up). He couldn't catch the jemaah but the scenes warmed my heart to see someone caring for a child who's not his own kid. MasyaAllah<3

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Jazz in Autumn


It's autumn already<3

Today, it was a little bit tiring but amazing! I did a volunteer in this one event near my town, aimed to unite people in town with music. It's called Power Jazz, and one of my friends is it's staff so I decide to see what is she and her friends doing.

Unfortunately I had a meeting to attend (wow sounds like a busy lady hah?lol) so I couldn't be there until the main concert but although I only stayed there until around 2pm, I could feel how exciting what they are doing. They invited soooo many musicians for main concert, had few free gigs in main street of town, many restaurants and cafes gave support to them and held night shows in their shows, and I was really amazed.

My only task was to pass out leaflet but I quite enjoyed it, many people came asked me where am I from rather than what event we were doing!lol One man came and asked "Are you Indian?" and I said "No, I'm Malaysian" then he stared at me really closely and said "You looks like Japanese and sound like Japanese too, we are same Asian, I won't know that you were foreigner if you are not wearing that(hijab)", so I just giggled and gave the leaflet. It was quite funny and scary at the same time haha. Then this lady and her husband came, the lady asked me what we were doing do I told her that we have big jazz concert this afternoon and if they don't have much time, they can enjoy free gigs near the Starbucks around there. She was surprised and say "Oh you speak Japanese really well!" and she and her husband walked away while still talking about ME and not the concert!lol I guess I (I know, it's not me by my hijab :p ) really attracts people, till people cannot focus on what I are doing. hehe I think it was funny. Another man came with his friends, all of them were carrying analog cameras, gosh I want one!, and he suddenly talked to me in Malaysian language/Indonesian language "kamu dari mana(where are you from?" so I replied "I am from Malaysia". He said that he lived in Jakarta for 5years. We talked in Malaysian/Indonesian and he and his friend asked to take a photo of me. So I smiled, posing with my leaflet on my hands.

It was really nice to had a chance to converse with local people, especially people in town. When I was walking back to my university's hall, a man in wheelchair talked to me as if it's a natural thing to do. Note: It is reaaaaaally rare for a Japanese to have a conversation with random people on street, they won't talk to you unless they are sweet obachan(auntie) or curious ojiichan(grandpa).lol We walked together untill the university, and there is a zebra cross, and we crossed together. I think they made it(carriageway) slightly curved so that rain water will not go into road but into drains at side but that slight hill is  big to people on wheel chair, he said "I always have trouble going up this". Although he was quite fit(he is an athlete representing Tokyo!) and we people without wheelchair usually won't notice that the road is slightly curve or won't even bother about little bump about 2cm dividing roadway and pavement, but for people on wheel chair, they are really big obstacles. Traffic light became already red when we just crossed for 2/3 because the man had trouble crossing the road. I tried to help him to climb up? the bump that separates roadway and pavement but I couldn't do that easily, until a man who was near us came and helped me. It was really embarassing because I couldn't push the wheel chair. :'(

Ok I talked too much. Let's see some photos I took. :D

This is our uni's hall where the concert was held. 


Musicians entertaining people in town :D

I'm not good at music but I really enjoyed listening to them.

Another photo of gig.

This is my uni, people come like it's a park and I like it

A kid comes with his mother. How adorable!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

my shea butter set

ok, now let's do a fun, review entry plak. hehe

It's getting colder and colder again, leaves from trees starts to falling, and winds start to ripping moisture of my skin. I have quite severe dry skin, and when it's winter, my skin always become itchy due to the dryness and last year my skin was disastrously dull and itchy because I neglected to take a special care for it. :(. This year, I don't want to repeat the same mistake so I bought full set of body care products from Body Shop at the beginning of the autumn!

At first, I was only looking for body butter but I walked out the store with 5 products in total! :p I bought body butter, shower cream, and body scrub, all from shea butter series. They said that I can get free mini bottle of whip body lotion if I spent 3500yen, so I bought a pair of cotton gloves. I really hate how my hands are always dry like a 40years old lady so I will wear them in night after I applied my thick hand cream. Oh should I post about how I am obsessed with hand cream? I have soo mane hand creams in my room and I just love them, whenever I see a good smelling one or hand cream in cute tube or bottle, I just want to grab it to counter even though I know that I already have enough cream to wear for the whole year! haha

I like this shea butter series because the products do not smell to much, you know some products that have too many fragrance can irritate skin, that's why I can't use lipbalm other than Menturm's or other similar lipbalm in green tube or other wise my throat become uncomfortable and my lips become drier.

However, I'd prefer body wash that forms more foams, this body cream don't form much that I want, even though I use bath lily and body gloves to.

jenis2 org islam yg sy jumpa kt jpun

sy tak tau kt mane nk luahkan ape yg bermain kt otak sy ni. kt fb, takut ad yg terasa, twitter, tak cukup. so sy akan tulis kt sini. it's gonna be a long, boring entry so please skip this ans pretend like you didn't notice this entry. :p and for my international readers, sorry but this entry is ganna be written in my language because I don't have enough skill to write this in English, it so complicated.

Jenis-jenis org "islam" yg sy jumpa kt bumi Jepun
kita, Malaysian, most of us are Sunni and mazhab Syafee kan. So I already expected that I will meet different imams' followers, practicing islam in different ways: Hanbali, Hanafi, Maliki and other imams' followers. Diorang practice dgn cara yg lain, mcm cara amek wuduk lain, apa yang tak leh makan atau minum, cara istinjak, cara angkat takbir, dan lain2. And I also expected that I will meet Syiah followers. Sy mbesar luar Malaysia, so dah biasa la jugak jumpa org mazhab lain. Tapi tak jadi masalah sbb aqidah kita ttp sama, yg pokoknya sama.

Kt sini sy jumpa ramai org pelik2. First, yg minum arak, dan bzina. Dlm environment yg sy mbesar, mmg jaraaaaaaang sgt2 utk sy jmpe org yg buat 2dosa tu. Kt sini, yg non-muslim mmg selamba la kan. Ada satu hari tu, kitorg ad welcome party utk pelajar baru, ajk dormitory mmg sediakan halal foods utk org islam, so org islam(yg mgku la, yg tak mgku tu tak tau la dia mkn ape) akan duduk satu meja. Ada sorg laki yg rambut karat smpi bahu, kt tangan dia ad tin beer. Dia dtg kt ktorg n tanya ni meja halal food ke, pstu trus duk situ smpi akhir. Sy mmg terpinga-pinga la kan.

Pasal makan, mmg bermacam-macam la.
Yg paling hebat, arak ke khinzir ke haiwan yg xdisembelih atas nama Allah, sume dia bedal.
Kedua, khinzir tak makan @ arak tak minum tapi daging lain makan mcm ayam atau beef.
Ketiga, arak dan khinzir tak amek, tp asal daging dr Australia, suma dia makan. yg ni sy xtau la dr mana dpt idea yg dgg oz halal, kwn sy yg blaja kt sane pun xmkn kalau xd tanda halal.
Keempat, mcm sy dan rakan2 Malaysia lain insyaAllah, arak, sume daging, dan apa2 bahan yg basal dr binatang2 tu, kita xmkn. Kita beli ayam beef dan mutton dr kedai2 halal yg dorg import.
Kelima, yg ni sy rase sbb lain mazhab, dorg tak makan ikan keli belut sotong dan lain2 haiwan dlm air yg xd sisik.
 Keenam, yg ni plg jaga kot, tak makan kat restoran yg xd "halal kitchen". sy sndri xpnh jmpe org dr grup ni, sy bc kt blog org jpun yg tulis psl pelajar muslim dr Singapore.
Ok ni baru bab makan je.

Then pasal aurat pun macam2. Keadaan ni sama la mcm kt msia. Yg lelaki ada yg selamba tunjuk pusat mada musim panas, pakai short nmpk atas dr lutut sume. Yg ppuan, selain dr mcm2 gaya yg ad kt msia, sy png jmpe org yg pakai skirt dan tights yg bukan sahaja ketat tp yg jarang smpi leh nmpk warna kulit dia. Sy tak nak cakap bnyk sbb sy pun belum sempurna tutp aurat kan, so masing2 fikir sndri la kot.

Lepas tu, hal solat pulak, Saya faham kt sini susah nak solat, sbb mana ada surau atau masjid kt universiti ke kt shopping complex ke mcm kt Malaysia. Nak amek wuduk pun kena angkat kaki kt sinki sbb xd tmpt wuduk. Which makes org jepun curiga sbb dorg ni xsuka kwsn sinki atau toilet basah dgn air. Ad org xsolat lgsg, ad yg solat bila kt rumah je, ad yg solat bila org ajak, dan mcm3 lg, just like in Malaysia.

Kadang-kadang bila nak explain psl apa yg sy tak leh makan, org jpon keliru sbb lain org lain yg diamalkan! nak ckp sy xpgg tangan lelaki atau cium atau peluk pun susah, sbb ada yg duk satu rumah dgn gf dia atau selalu hook up kt party. selalunya sy akan senyum n cakap masing2 ada hak utk memilih utk nak amalkan apa, dan sy pilih utk ikut islam, insyaAllah.

Tu sediki sebanyak dilemma yg sy hadapi kt sini la. Sebenarnya nak tulis pasal lain, tp jd len plak bila tulis. hehe papelah asal sy rasa lega bila luahkan,

ok congratulation utk sesiapa yg berjaya baca sume ni! hehe