Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Today is my second last day here. I am going back to my uni tomorrow night..sob sob.:'( I enjoyed this holiday because my mom and dad spoiled me soooooo much!hoho Poor my other siblings, they had to listened to me like.

One thing about "Cuti'cuti Malaysia"(it means holiday/vacances in Malaysia), I remember when I was in Frankfurt, Germany, an airport staff there asked where am I from. I replied, Malaysia and he said "oh, Malaysia Truly Asia, right?". I was really happy and surprised and the same time because there were somebody knows about my tiny little beloved country, far far away from German. FYI(ye la sape yg bukan rakyat msia la) Malaysia Truly Asia is a slogan made by our government to promote our country.  Oh he made me have a good impression to German people. I should visit there someday, not just for transit. By the way, Lufthansa Airline is so nice! They have an USB under arm rest so you can charge your iPhone in the airplaine. Ok now I want to make you want to come to Malaysia!

Roti Boy or mexican coffe bun. But it doesn't taste like coffee. It has melted butter inside with yummy sweet smell! I had this while waiting for my mum to pick me up at Putrajaya. 
Kuala Lumpur at night
 See the colour of light!it changes.beautiful isn't it?

from red

to blue

and green! and more but I don't want to make you bored with same pic. :p

This is our national flower, hibiscus!

I love Malaysia's weather. MasyaAllah.

In a market. We have plenty of yummy cheap tropical fruits.

Roti Canai, a thin crispy pastry-like dish. I don't know how to explain it. :( But it's really famous here.

Fried-rice in omelette.

Mee goreng or fried noodle.

Bamboo tree. At Putrajaya.


I just love to take picture of flower and plants.
I saw a rainbow on my first day here. SubhanaAllah, it's so pretty!

my little cousin. I will miss her for sure. :(


  1. Slaam Dear;
    Thanks for the comment on my blog,its always a nice feeling to see any Muslim blogger..i like your this post & wonderful images..keep it up & happy blogging..
    MashaAllah Bamboo trees are having a great sight..Long Live Malaysia..I m from Pakistan..nice to have you sweet friend..

  2. Salam! :D
    I love Malaysia, and you don't have to tell me to go there because I want to go! I love malaysia, and also, seeing this beautiful photos I have more desiere! :D
    love the flowers!

    PDT: thanks for your coment and for visit my blog :D

  3. Tq Creative Mind<3

    Laila, I went to Spain 2months ago, and it was sooo beautiful! I started learn Spanish this semester and really hope to go there again next year!